Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The pharmacy has been ordered...

Today was much better. No meltdowns today.

I ordered my pharmacy today. Sigh. I have all the same meds...if you remember...

Lupron (shot)
Bravelle (shot for stimulating ovaries)
Menopur (shot for stimulating ovaries)
Medrol (steroid)
Progesterone (shots)
Estrogen (patches)
Ovidrel (to trigger my ovaries to release eggs - shot)
Doxycycline (antibiotic)

I have a new insurance carrier and it was only $250 more than last time. So, my total bill was about $600. Normally it would be over $3000...THANK GOD FOR INSURANCE! Too bad it doesn't cover IVF.

I should receive the meds tomorrow. I will take a picture, like I did last time. New pharmacy, new picture! I thought they were going to change up my meds; however, I guess they are going to mix up the "recipe" of the Menopur & Bravelle to try to get more eggs. Last time I had to mix five little vials: One of Menopur and four of Bravelle. I may have to mix in more Menopur this time...I don't know yet. I haven't seen my calendar - I assume it is in the mail.

Oh, I am totally bummed. They ordered me the Progesterone shot again. If you remember...I had to take an intramuscular progesterone shot. :-( I will do whatever necessary, but ouch.

I will call Debby tomorrow and see when I start the shots. Last I heard it was Saturday January 16.

Anyway, here we go again. Seems unreal.

BTW, It was all God yesterday...He worked it all out...having the office manager call and have mercy on me...the insurance company made the mistake and didn't put Matt on the card...everything worked out. Thank you, Jesus!


Baby hopes... said...

I'm praying for you!!!!!

shancrow said...


Anonymous said...

Hello! My name is Caitlin and I live in NW Arkansas. I came across your site when I was trying to find other women who have been to the Arkansas Fertility clinic. I was so excited when I found your amazing and detailed blog!! I read the entire thing from beginnig to end. I experienced every emotion along the way!

I just wanted to touch base and say thanks for the inspirational blog!! I have very much enjoyed reading through your treatment protocols and doctor comments. You have no idea how much it has calmed the nerves and anxieties I have been having about my upcoming appointment and IVF procedures.

I have my first appointment at Arkansas Fertility on this coming Monday, January 11. I will be seeing Dr. Miller. I have tons of questions and would love to chat via email sometime!! My address is

Thanks again and I will be sure to not sit by the windows on Monday!! I tend to get cold easily! :)