Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year's Resolution...

I have a new New Year's Resolution! It is a GOOD one!

***disclaimer*** (this entire post is totally tongue in cheek)

I usually do not make resolutions. I know I won't keep them and I don't have the energy to act like I will. :-) However, this year, I have one.

New Year's Resolution...To pick my friends wisely...

My new qualifications for friends are:
  • Anyone who has had all of their kids and all tubes are tied, uterus'es are out, and the men are fixed.
  • Anyone over 35 who can still technically have kids but their youngest child is 15 or older. The chances of another child are slim to none.
  • Anyone who has struggled with infertility (any age)
Please know that if you are currently my friend, you have been grandfathered in, no matter what your circumstances are. You will not, nor ever be, discriminated against.

If I meet you on the street and you want to be my friend (because, boy, do I EVER have a long line of people wanting to be my friend) must show the below proof of qualifications.
  1. The first step of screening is proof of age. (i.e., birth certificates, driver's license are acceptable forms of proof)
  2. If you are over 35 and you and your spouse still have all the "goods", you must bring your youngest child to me for an interview (along with the appropriate birth certificates).
  3. If you are over 35 and you and your spouse still have all the "goods:, you must be willing to take a lie detector test (separately) to prove that both parties have agreed upon and are totally for sure finished having children.
  4. If you are under 35 and still haven't finished having your kids, well, you are fresh out of luck being my friend.
  5. If you are of any age and have had partial or all reproductive organs removed, you must show medical documentation and/or the actual organ itself. Men may be asked to produce a sample at a clinic nearest you.
  6. If you have struggled with infertility...well, you automatically become my friend.

OK, I am totally teasing. I have a sick sense of humor. Kidding! Kidding!


cagrlasu said...

ha ha You are too funny Lisa! I Love it!! I totally know what you mean! LOL

Anonymous said...


I have had infertility issues and I agree with you 100%. I luckily got pregnant through IVF six years ago, but it still gets me when I see a baby and know I can't have another one. (I know I am sooo selfish.) I am still praying for you guys and hope you are successful in 2010. I used Dr. Moutos and loved everyone there. You are in good hands with those guys! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Bobbie said...

You are hilarious, girl!