Friday, January 01, 2010

My connection to THE American Idol...

LOL. OK, I am usually very perceptive and observant. I usually put two and two together and it most always comes out to four. I usually remember most things...but, there is one claim to fame that I totally zoned out on!

Matt and I went to his parents' house tonight to celebrate mine and Mark's (Matt's brother) birthdays. After dinner, all the girls started talking about Monica's upcoming wedding. She is marrying Jordan Fulmer. We LOVE him. Jordan and Mark have been best friends for years, so this match was made in heaven. Mia (Mark's wife) and myself are singing in the wedding. My song is picked out but Mia's and Jordan's sister's songs are we started working on the wedding music.

We listened to and went through a TON of wedding songs. I have sung in many weddings so I was telling Monica all the songs that I have sung. I don't even know how we started talking about this but Monica said, "You know Kris Allen sung in Thomas and Lacie's wedding?". Lacie is a good friend of all of ours and is practically my little sister. I was like, "No he didn't, Monica, I sang in Lacie's wedding and I would have remembered if Kris Allen sang in the same wedding as me!"

Well, come to find out he WAS in the wedding!!! He accompanied me with the guitar in that wedding! It was a couple of years ago and I totally didn't put the two together! Anyway, I remember he was a nice guy but very quiet and humble. I was nervous because the very first time we were to go through the song was at rehearsal the night before. You never know how "good" the person is and if you will mesh with the other person musically. Anyway...I remember it went really smooth and I think we got through it easily on our first try. I remember thinking he was pretty good on the guitar...ha. The song is really beautiful...I have the link below. It is called "Captivate us".

Anyway, that is my claim to fame with THE American Idol, Kris Allen. He played the guitar for me while I sang in a wedding. LOL. I would have totally bragged and all during the season if I would have known!

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Liz said...


That's better than when I performed at Falls Creek with Point of Grace. That is, I was on the drama team, and they did the music. Didn't actually perform "WITH" them. Yours is way cooler. WAAAY.