Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Six A.M.

I woke up pretty easily today! I have gotten up, fixed egg and cheese sandwiches for Matt, fixed coffee for Matt and lunch for Matt and cleaned the kitchen back up. What a good wife I am. lol.

I have a very very busy week at work. Since my IVF schedule has shifted, I need to make all of my travel runs in the next two weeks. Starting IVF in a middle of a Walk MS season is not a very smart move on my part...but when your biological clock is ticking away well, you just don't have a choice.

Yesterday was a holiday for me. YAY! I got to catch up on some me time and clean and such. I watched the Lifetime Channel all day. It was a day devoted to Jennifer Aniston movies. During the commercial breaks the network would advertise for a "Lifetime movie" called "The Pregnancy Pact".

The crux of the story is about a group of 18 teenagers at some random high school who make a pact to all get pregnant at the same time. I kept thinking...lol...if that was me...well, my friends would just HATE me!!! I would be the only one not getting pregnant and I am sure they would think I didn't want to go through with it! Geez.

Anyway, I thought it quite comical yesterday seeing that advertised all day...cause, well, it just wouldn't be that easy for me.

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Molly and Kevin Strom said...

Hey I wouldn't be much help to my friends either...i might get kicked out of the pregnancy group haha!!!