Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I have a fun story.

My mom (Debra...a.k.a Debbie) met her best friend in the third grade at Glen Rose. The best friend's name was ALSO Deborah (a.k.a Debbie). They grew up THICK as thieves...best friends. Not only did their friendship grow stronger...they married brothers (way too young, I might add). So, Debbie Dawson & Debbie Sims both became Debbie Finkbeiner.

Both sides of the family grew up just like brothers and sisters. Aunt Debbie had the first kid, Shelly, in 1969. Aunt Debbie had the second kid, Carla, in June of 1972. Mom followed suit with Marc (my brother) in August of 1972. I came along next in December of 1975 and Aunt Debbie, always wanting a boy, had Scott in September of 1977. All five of us kids grew up just like brothers and sisters. We were always at each other's house and we have a ton of fun memories. Shelly was mother hen, Carla was the mean one (ha), Marc was the deep thinker, and Scott and I just rode along for the ride.

It was fun having two Debbies in the same house. Aunt Debbie had three nicknames 1. Debbie #1, since she married into the family first...#2. Ronnie's Debbie, since her husband was Ronnie...and #3. Malvern Debbie, since she lived in Malvern. My mom had three opposite nicknames 1. Debbie #2, married second into the family...#2. Tommy's Debbie, since she married Tommy...and #3 Benton Debbie, since we lived in Benton. They are still just as close as they were years and years ago. I think they are going on 48 or so years of being best friends. (mom, don't get mad cause I just typed that).

Aunt Debbie and Mom have this dual "not so subtle subtlety" personality characteristic. Let me tell you what I mean.

Aunt Debbie: Shelly?
Shelly: Yes, mom?
Aunt Debbie: I have a brush in my purse if you want to use it.
Shelly: ?

Here's another example:

Aunt Debbie: Lisa?
Lisa: Yes, Aunt Debbie?
Aunt Debbie: I have some lipstick in my purse if you want to use it.
Lisa: ?

We all just laugh. We want to say to her...just tell me my hair looks horrible or that I need some lipstick something fierce! It is a long running joke between us kids...but Aunt Debbie truly means it...

So yesterday my mom comes up and takes me out to eat. I was telling mom about a surprise gift card I had received that day. I was so excited. So, here's the convo...

Lisa: Yay, I got this gift card
Mom: That's great, why don't you make an appointment to get your hair done?

Ouch. LOL. So, I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to get my hair cut and colored.

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