Friday, December 04, 2009


So, here we go again. I truly feel like I was almost to the top of the well and then I got knocked back down and we are starting from scratch all the way from the bottom. And...well, truthfully, that is just plain reality.

Dr. B is so awesome; I just love him. I know it seems weird, but I am attached to the people there. They feel like family in a way...they probably don't realize it, in fact, I am sure they don't realize it, but they have been so great to me and I have missed them. And, mixed with the fact that going to that clinic is our avenue of having kids, well, it was good going back.

LOL, I thought this was going to be a "talk" appointment only. Don't get grossed out, but I haven't shaved my legs in a couple days and I just assumed I would not have to be examined...WRONG. I was like SNAP, well, CRAP. HA! No biggie...just wished I had my legs shaved. Anyway, Dr. B asked if I had started my period and I told him that I had and I was on like day 16 or day 17 of my cycle. That is right around ovulation time (or actually a little late for it). He said I do have a follicle (an egg is inside of it) that is measuring 17 mm. Anywhere between 18 mm - 21 mm is good, I think. I can't remember.

So, I am still producing follicles. He wants me to use an ovulation predictor kit today, tomorrow and Sunday. If we get a positive that I have ovulated, then we "try" for two days and then on day three I start the progesterone inserts. If Sunday morning rolls around and we have not had an LH surge (ovulation) then I will give myself a shot. The shot is Ovidrel and it is a subq shot...easy peasy. That will release the egg from the follicle and help me ovulate.

If we do not get pregnant we will try again for the next two or three months.

If I am still not pregnant in the next few months then he suggests a second round of IVF. We are thinking either February or this summer. From March 15th - May 15th, fertility treatment is pretty impossible...I have Walk MS events and other MS events that I cannot miss. In the meantime, they will monitor my FSH levels. If they are normal then we will probably just wait until this summer. If they are high, then we will have to work more aggressively.

High FSH levels mean that my egg quality is decreasing and my body is producing more FSH to compensate. So, if my FSH levels are high...we need to move straight to IVF. Cause time is running out. Nothing like your body screaming at you saying - YOU ARE OLD! lol.

I did ask the question about my endometriosis and he said that I have been on medications that suppress the growth and I was pregnant for 2.5 months so that helped control the growth. I was on Lupron for six months and was in a controlled environment for a few months afterward so that helped control the growth of the entometriosis. So, I should be ok until we try again.

I am just not willing to give up yet on the fertility option...

We are on road again. Even though I fell back down to the bottom of the well, I am going to pick myself up and brush myself off and start the long climb back up.

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Just Jiff said...

Good for you! I know it has to be the toughest thing ever for you, but it still must be a teensy bit nice to have options. I'll pray for you!