Friday, December 11, 2009

Just a regular Nancy Drew...

My life seems to be very eventful this year. I have a blog post idea coming up towards year end. But, here's today's story...

Last night Matt found a FedEx envelope at our front door. It was addressed to me from a lady I have never heard of from the state of Washington! I thought what in world!!! So, I open the envelope and find a check in there in the amount of $2600. TWENTY-SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! Matt was like HELLO! And, for a split second I was like, God, THANK YOU for blessing me!

I was dumbfounded and couldn't figure out who this lady was and how in the world I knew her. Matt asked me if I thought it was someone who read my blog and felt impressed to send me a big fat check...ha! (Any takers, private email me and I'll send you my address...HA!)

So...the Nancy Drew in me kicked in. I jumped on the computer and opened up my good friend, Mr. Google, or as George W would say, "The Google". The FedEx slip said Washington State and the check was from a business in Minnesota so I started researching from there.

I immediately googled the business name and found out that it was a legit business in Minnesota. I then googled the address on the FedEx slip thinking that is where the lady lived...well, it was a Bed & Breakfast in Washington State! After that I googled the lady's name, and found one person with her name. She was on Facebook but I couldn't see her profile to see where she was from (which I doubt it was her).

I was totally confused because nothing was adding up. I then checked the FedEx tracking number and it was dropped off in DENVER of all places! Wow, I had THREE separate states involved now...Minnesota, Washington & Colorado! Well, to further my search I decided to google the bank routing number. It came back as legit! Hmmmmm......

I couldn't imagine what was going on. I just laid in bed staring at the ceiling going through all the "files" in my brain. The search came up empty...(OK, no blonde jokes please).

So, let's jump to today. This morning, I called the company in Minnesota (business name on the check) to say, "Umm, thanks for the $2600?" ha. I got a I left a message. I tried to be patient, but that wasn't working. I grabbed the check and called the bank on the check which was in Colorado. I got a really nice lady on the phone and she had me give her the account number and routing number. As previous researched the routing number was correct however, the account number was invalid!!!! Oooooo...I was mad. She told me she was glad I didn't cash it because I would have been responsible for paying back the money since it wasn't legit. Sometimes banks can't determine if the check is for real or not.

Anyway, I scanned and emailed the copy of the check and the FedEx slip to her for their fraud division. She told me that I could report it to the Internet Crime division of the FBI...which I did later.

Finally, the company (one on the check) called me back. She told me that the check was indeed fake and that they have encountered this same horrible situation several times THIS WEEK! One she dealt with just before me!!! The lady said she doesn't know why they were targeted but checks were sent out "from them" all over the nation. Wow! I asked her how did they get my information and she asked me if I used Craigslist, which we have! Double Ooooooo. She said that the no good meanies used Craigslist as a tool to do crap like send a $2600 check right before Christmas to a poor couple! (ok, so, those are my words but you get the picture).

I emailed her a copy of the check and FedEx label. We began discussing two strange emails I received from potential buyers from Craigslist. The two separate emails were very much the "same" in content. Long story short, I reported them to the scam department at Craigslist. She wanted both of those emails too. Anyway...she thanked me and said Merry Christmas. I was thinking...Merry Christmas, my foot, since I helped you out send me $2600 in reward money!!. ha.

So, that's how my "day" is's yours?


Just Jiff said...

WOW!!! What a mean thing to do to someone! (The check fraud person, not you of course.)

Glad you researched it!

Something good will come along to you... :)

Christa said...

That's a sweet story! I have never actually heard your proposal story! Love it!