Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to me...

Well, today is my 34th birthday. Seems totally UNREAL and impossible for me to be 34 years old. Today, which I am surprised, has been a good day. I haven't gotten upset about turning a year older! Ha!

Facebook is AMAZING. lol. EVERYONE remembers your birthday because of FB! I had to turn my phone on silent because it kept buzzing "Happy Birthday" messages to me. It was awesome! So, thank you, Facebook for helping me feel so loved today.

It has been a good day. My mom drove to Little Rock to take me to lunch (Senor Tequila...yum yum) and got me a Penny's gift card to get some new underwear (that is what I asked for)...Matt got me Kris Allen's CD and Carrie Underwood's CD (we are trying to be frugal...and he usually isn' I LOVED my gifts). We are going to go out for my birthday this weekend instead of tonight. Our poor baby dogs would have been in the kennels ALL day if we got home to let them out and headed back to Little Rock to eat. So, I asked Matt if we could go after Christmas (and I am full from lunch and I want to enjoy my birthday dinner!) It has just been a good day.

My doctor's appointment was today, as well. Nothing like having your pipes looked at on your b-day. I guess Dr. B was on vacation this week so I saw Dr. Moutus. I like him, too. We are on Day 3 of my cycle. Bloodwork is pretty mandatory on Day 3. My ultrasound looked fine...I have 4 follicles in my left and 8 in my right. We discussed starting IVF during my next cyle...and that is exactly what we are going to do.

I am actually doing pretty good with my decision. I am hopeful that I will produce more follicles/eggs so I can have more embryos to work with. They tested my FSH level (shows egg quality) and Stephanie (nurse) said all my numbers came back fabulous. Sooo...that is a GOOD thing. It means my eggs are still looking good...even at my old age of 34. :-)

I went to see Debbie (IVF nurse) and we tentatively put me on the calendar for January 16 to start stim shots. We will be changing up the meds to hopefully produce more eggs. I am excited. I am on birth control for the next month. This will help the doctors closely manipulate my next cycle. It is so time sensitive!! If I am an hour off of giving myself a could RUIN the whole cycle!

It cracks me up that I am on birth control. It just makes me laugh...I haven't been able to get pregnant in over 60 months on my what makes them think I will this time? And, isn't that the get pregnant? I know, they need to closely manipulate I understand, it still makes me laugh.

The finances...well, God opened a huge door...and we have been blessed. :-)

So, as the sun sets on my 34th birthday...I am hopeful that in my 34th year on this earth I will become a mom. When I hit chances decrease THIS HAS TO BE THE YEAR!

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shancrow said...

Love ya Lisa...thinking of you...