Sunday, December 20, 2009

Decisions decisions...

My body failed me again. If you remember, Dr. B suggested we try on our own for a few months. I am usually a 25-28 day'er. I hit day 29...then day 30...and a small amount of hope, awe and wonder started creeping in. I "knew" I wasn't pregnant, but the delayed cycle was uncommon for me.

Early on I used to test if I was on day 28 and I hadn't started. I sort of stopped that because A. It was getting expensive and B. The rejection of the "-" sign was a little too much to handle.

Anyway, I started on Friday afternoon. I had talked myself into testing on Saturday morning if I hadn't started by then. Well, I saved $17 bucks!!!

I called the clinic and I am going in tomorrow morning (my 34th b-day) at 8 am to do bloodwork/ultrasound and the "next step" discussion. They will be testing my FSH level. This will determine the quality of my eggs and if I am producing enough eggs. If the FSH level is high then we have another problem...bad eggs...lack of eggs...etc. The FSH produces more of that type of hormone to make up for the "egg problem". I have never been tested for I am curious to see what the number will be.

I am contemplating starting IVF in January. If they say it is OK. I am starting to miss torturing myself. LOL. I just LOVE shooting myself up super hormones that make me irritable and mean! No, just kidding, I don't think I want to wait until summer. If I do, then I will be over 35 when my first kid is born (if the round is even successful)!! I just don't know. Another reason is that my insurance has changed. And, I really can't afford to just do ultrasound after ultrasound and pay out of pocket until my $1250 deductible is met. (Our insurance has changed for the WORST!). If I start IVF in January, everything will be covered under the IVF plan and I will just have to pay the one big fee and my deductible will be met 5x's over in the first two weeks of 2010.

Dr. B said he would change up my meds this time around so we can get as many eggs as possible. The hope that I will have more eggs will just help my feelings so much! The last time I had not had a period in seven months prior to IVF. My ovaries were possibly suppressed too much thus the low number of follicles to harvest. So, since I have had three periods (four, counting the next one) maybe I will produce more eggs to harvest...meaning possibly more embryos to work with.

We shall see.

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