Thursday, November 12, 2009

What to say....

My heart breaks for the Anne Pressly family. Breaks. I remember when we heard about Anne and what happened to her...all of Arkansas and America was disgusted and devastated and just plain sick. I am so surprised that the jury only gave him life in prison without parole. What that poor girl went through the night she was brutally and viciously beaten and mind cannot grasp it.

Next on my mind, I have three days left before I find out if the FET worked. I am feeling good mentally. I am enjoying my "wait". I tried to get in a little earlier to test but they didn't want to do that. Testing too early could possibly be a false negative, etc. So...Monday it is.

I started having a sore throat last night and checked my temp tonight and I am running a low grade fever. If I am still running fever in the morning, I will call the doc and see what I need to do. If pregnant...I don't want to risk the flu or H1N1 or anything like that. *Sigh* that's all I need.

Dexter seems to be doing OK. So far, he seems to be tolerating the meds.

We had someone look at the house on Sunday...she liked it...and now they are coming back on Sunday to look at it again. We pray they like it and they want to buy it. What a blessing that would be?

My Uncle Tiny passed away this week. His funeral is tomorrow. What a sweet, sweet man. He was my great uncle.

Hmmm, what else? I guess nothing.

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