Monday, November 16, 2009

Some good news today....

There was some really good news that came out of today. My friend "N" found out she was pregnant NATURALLY! She and her hubby have gone thru IVF and multiple IUI's with no success. She and the hubs did some soul searching and decided to try IVF one more time next summer. They wanted to pay off some bills and get more financially secure and give it one last hoo-rah...well, believe it or not, she was late...took a test...and BAM!

I am so happy for "N" and the hubs. We have never met or spoken to one another over the phone. We are states away from each other...but I do feel we are kindred spirits. Pray with me that all goes well and everything doubles like it is supposed to.

Getting pregnant naturally is a dream come true for infertile couples...they were looking at over $10,000 in out of pocket expenses next year for IVF...and NOW they can spend it on the little one.

So, there was good news today. Congrats "N & M". So happy and excited for you both!

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Baby hopes... said...

thank you sooo much! your are the greatest friend and sister:)