Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Really? Tell me about it, Zach!

Our dogs light up our world. We laugh so hard at them and love us soooo fiercely. The above video is just funny. Zach loves to talk to us. It started right after we got him. Matt would leave early in the morning and they would "talk" to each other for about five minutes. Zach still demands our attention. He doesn't bark at us...he talks to us. Too cute.

So far so good with Dexter on his new meds. He seems relatively normal...he eats more (like he needs it) and he drinks all the time. You can tell his little mouth is dry...he smacks a lot.

Tobey is just a mess. He just passed out right beside Matt. All of a sudden Matt started waving his hand in front of his ripped a big one. Matt said, "Tobey, I think you just melted all of my facial hair off!" Yeah, it was pretty rotten. LOL. They make me laugh.

On Monday, after I got my call, I ran me a really hot bath and just sat in there and cried. Our tub is rather large and I laid my head on the side of the tub...before I knew it, Zach walked silently up to me and started licking my tears. He knew momma was sad. Through my surgeries & procedures and bed rests, Zach hasn't left my side. He has been my protector. Sweet baby.


Jade said...

Thank God for our doggy children!

Just Jiff said...

Dogs are so awesome like that. They are so in tune with us it's amazing.

Baby hopes... said...

Dogs are the best comforters in times of pain and sadness:). I wish I could give you a hug, (hugs)