Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The "oven" is open for business...

Matt and I got a solid 13 hours sleep last night. Yes, 13 hours. We got up this morning and slowly got ready...very peacefully...and got there right on time!

We left the house at 10 am....the same time the clinic began thawing the embryos. I was pretty calm, but a little nervous, getting to the clinic. I didn't know if they had survived or not.

So, they called me back to the medical procedures area and I was so excited that our nurse was Lauren. I immediately asked her if everything was OK and she said it was. She is HILARIOUS. We laughed the whole time. We had a little bit of a wait after I got all prepped because we were waiting on the embryologist's report on the embryos. Lauren finally came back to us and said that one didn't make it but we had a good 8 cell one. So, I am very thankful for that one. I was sad that the other one didn't make it though.

Dr. Batres wasn't the FET doctor was the one that was rude to me on the phone that weekend I I was bummed I didn't have Dr. B. The procedure wasn't too pleasant this was the same process as last time but it was painful this time. UGH. One word...Speculum. Ladies, can I get an amen?

They guided the catheter by ultrasound and we got to see them put the little one in. The solution that the embryo is placed in glows so they know exactly where to put it in the uterus. we wait.

Oh, they also put the embryo in "embryo glue". Yes, Embryo Glue, it is a substance that they put on the embryo so it sticks better to the uterus! HA! Embryo Glue. That is just funny to me.

I have a couple of funny stories that I will post later...but all in all...we have one good little embryo that we PRAY implants. I am on bed rest through Friday.

Thank you for all who prayed. I received so many texts and posts just made me feel very lifted up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am doing really good. I am now at peace. The last little embryo is where it needs to be. It is home for now. Whether it stays or whether it doesn't implant...well, it is where it needs to be...back in me. I pray it stays. But, I am at peace that it is with me right now.

Think STICKY thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Sticky thoughts, sticky thoughts, sticky thoughts!!!!! MUST THINK STICKY THOUGHTS!! I'm sending sticky vibes to Baby Brown...
Praying much for you, Matt & baby!


Karen said...

I agree . . your baby is home! I'm praying for you guys and thank you again for making your journey public . . such a testimony to God's grace! Relax as much as possible and enjoy life each day . . we only get 1 time around!

Just Jiff said...

sticky thoughts!