Monday, November 09, 2009

My poor baby, Dexter!

He had a grand mal seizure today. He has a history of seizures...but he just stiffens up and it looks like he is choking. That type seizure is always scary...but today's seizure??? OH MY. He started shaking violently and frothing at the mouth. His mouth was wide open and his teeth were all snarly and his head was so cocked back it was frightening. He started peeing and pooping on himself and then the screaming started. He was screaming like someone was pouring boiling water on him. One of the scariest moments of my life. It lasted about 3 or 4 minutes.

He is OK now. In the pictures he has a little bandage on his arm where they drew blood to check to see if there was any damage to his heart and other levels. All looked fine. They did put him on phenylbarbital for a month. He may have to stay on it forever. I have heard that that med alters I am very anxious about it. Dexter is one of THE sweetest dogs I have ever had and it just breaks my heart.

My other boys are like ??? what is going on? So I will include some of their pictures...sweet boys...This is Tobey Tobey (aka, Super Tobey). He has on a little shirt (which he hated it) that his Aunt Marlo and Uncle Rob let him borrow. LOL. This pictures looks like he is flying...

Zach, or Z-Zach, is just chillin' on the couch. He looks like an old man.

I love these dogs so much. They love me unconditionally and always make me smile. I LOVE THEM. So we have Tobey-Tobey, Z-Zach and D-man. :-)

We have about a week left of waiting. I am enjoying my wait. I truly am. I am in a peaceful place and I pray it stays. If this doesn't work...then...I am going to remind myself that God KNOWS what He is doing. He knows the best for me at all times.


Just Jiff said...

My dog was my baby too. She was a sheltie named Baleigh. I had to put her to sleep after almost 9 years and I was so devastated. She was my LIFE. I had been trying for 3 years to get pregnant, then found out I was the next month. I named my daughter Bayley. Pronounced the same, but spelled differently.

Baby hopes... said...

I am praying your embie settles in and makes a cozy home! I hope your puppy is okay...I can't even imagine!

Marc and Charity said...

Zach is hilarious. He DOES look like a little ole man. So cute. I have a feeling that Super Tobey and Skip would have been good friends. :)

love you!praying!