Thursday, November 05, 2009

Deep thoughts by Lisa Brown...

I really don't remember life without Facebook! It is THE way to keep connected with friends across the world. It has cut down on actual the future...will we actually "talk" to one another again?

I have played Farm Town, Farmville, Happy Aquarium, and Island Paradise sooo much. I have also played my mom's Farmville, Island Paradise and Farm Town AND created the Happy Aquarium to play. Not only have I done that for mom...well, I am guilty of doing it for Matt, too. Ashamed, I am.

No, I think...Bored, I more like it. Yes, I like Star Wars...Star Wars' fans know I am talking in Yoda.

Can you see I am bored? I just sit and think...and that is scary.

Also, I was thinking of ALL the uses of a cell many businesses or products has the cell phone put out of business? Flashlights? I use my screen to find my way to the bathroom at night. Alarm Clocks? I never use my old alarm clock anymore...just set my alarm on my phone! Calculator? I have one on my phone! Land lines? Who even has one anymore...I haven't had one in probably 8 years! (No offense to those who do...I under stand some have them and have to have firefighter friends, fax lines, etc.) Hard copy dayplanners? Mine is on my phone!!! However, I do have a hard copy dayplanner so I guess that one doesn't actually apply. Paper Maps? Phone books? And, the list goes on!

We are also 99% sure we are going to put our house up for sale. I think we have decided that it is time to move closer to our families. Each side of BOTH of our parents live about 20 minutes from each other and I just think it is time. We sort of decided it a few days ago. So, on top of all of my deep thoughts...well, I am thinking of the things we need to do to get the house ready....honestly not much because we had it up for sale last year (when we moved to Oklahoma for a bit) we will probably paint the bedrooms & kitchen and call it good. We have new carpet and new tile will probably be ready soon. So, pray for favor and the perfect couple to buy it. I love this house...I do, but it is time to move, I think. Especially if we are able to have this baby.

Anyway...I need to run and check my crops, islands and tanks...


becca said...

I keep the land line so I don't have to answer it. Make sense? Anyone I WANT to talk to, has my cell phone number (or can get it on FB ha). I figure if I get rid of the land line, I'll have to start listing my cell phone number on various things and would then get called on it by people I don't want to talk to.
Good luck on the move. I think we'll stay here forever b/c the thought of packing up this one... not anything I want to do!

Just Jiff said...

I am with you on all of that. :)

And ditto on FB. I need to your neighbor in Fish Tank thing...because no one else I know plays it!