Monday, November 02, 2009

Big Nasty Bug...

I couldn't sleep last night and was up early this morning which is unusual for me. I was going to stop at Chick-fil-a and get something to eat and have my last diet coke. I needed a pretty big meal because of the antibiotic I had to take. So, I am on my way and I look over and on my side view mirror I see this...

A BIG NASTY BUG CREATURE! I panicked! I cannot stand bugs...I cannot stand spiders...I cannot cannot deal! UGH. I was too afraid to roll down my window because I just KNEW that stupid nasty creature would jump on me and eat my eye ball. So, I made a decision. I decided I wasn't at all hungry at the moment and I would drive from Conway to work and it would somehow get thrown from the vehicle. Wrong.

It was an HOUR to work. I was on the interstate. I was going fast and slow and making turns and going any which way to get this stupid thing OFF my window!!! Nothing worked. I pulled into McDonald's on Cantrell and this is where I took the picture. I barely rolled my window down to order cause I cherish my eye balls...I rolled it back up but then then I had to pay for my food! UGH! I rolled it down halfway this time and stuck my hand out the top of the far so good. And, then I had to get my food. It had started crawling at that point and it just made my skin crawl. It was disgusting. I got my food and rolled up the window in lightning speed.

It stayed on the whole time and I ended up going into work and it was finally gone when I got back in my car this afternoon! STUPID BIG NASTY BUG.

I tried everything besides actually touching it to get it off my car. Halfway to work I started thinking...I am that bug. LOL. Hear me out. I am that bug that is hanging on for dear life. Satan (me) is trying to speed up and slow down and do everything he can to knock me off my safe place. And, how I must look like a nasty gross bug but Jesus still loved me enough and gave me mercy to keep "hanging" on until the end.

That maybe a silly story...but it REALLY spoke to me. I had to take a picture of that joker! It was really disgusting!! I mean it had fangs or something!


Baby hopes... said...

I'm that bug too!

Anonymous said...

Lisa...I love you and your way of looking at life. You make me laugh, cry and general consider looking at life different. I have been praying for you, Matt and a baby for 3 years. I can't even imagine how tired and frustrated you are. You make me think about the issues I have had while raising my girl and reconsider the gift. I must agree with you it is different to be able and question your decision and not be able to make that decision. Remember we love you and will support you whatever the outcome!


Anonymous said...

I seem to remember a certain cricket you were afraid of!!! Do you?

Love ya!!

Brooke said...

AHHHH I parked next to you today and just think my eyeballs were in danger too!! that made me laugh sooo hard! So glad I didn't know it was there or it was gone by the time I pulled in!! I'm terrified of crickets...I don't think I knew we had this in common.

I don't like things that go in unexpected directions quickly...bugs, frogs, get the picture. Imagine that I like control! I like your outlook! good story! :)

Andi said...

That's a stink bug! I had one stuck to my side mirror too the other day. It rode a good ways with me too!

I like your way of looking at things too!