Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I arrived at work today and looked down at my scripture calendar and it was off a few days so I started flipping the pages to make it current. And yesterday's scripture was "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord." Psalm 27:14. KJV. As soon as I read the word "WAIT", God thumped me on the back of the head and said "pay attention".

It was like God grabbed my remote control and flipped on the TV and pressed play on the DVD...and what I saw was a very familiar scene...

Flash to scene: "What I do when I wait on Matt in the car"

I was sitting in my car (in the passenger's seat) flipping on the radio, tapping my feet, fidgeting, going through the glove compartment, cleaning out my purse, changing CDs...etc. That escalated to me talking out loud, "COME ON MATT"; "UGH"; "I MEAN REALLY"; "MATT!!". Then it escalated to me honking the horn once or twice and then beating my head against my head rest. As time went on and STILL NO MATT, I got out of my car to go in the house to see WHAT THE CRAP HE WAS DOING! I was so frustrated by the end of the "scene" that Matt and I argued all the way to wherever we were going because I was so angry! (and rightly so, but that wasn't the point in this scene, ha)

End Scene.

Anyway, if anyone reading this knows both Matt and me, you know how VERY TRUE this is. I think God has a sick sense of humor sometimes. Matt and I are polar opposites. Matt is laid back and nothing rushes him. He is NEVER in a hurry and takes his OWN precious time to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Me? Well, I am "mach 5 with my hair on fire" and have a deadline to do everything. I do not like to wait on anyone or anything and cannot STAND to sit idle. If I decided to do something or go somewhere...I want to go RIGHT then and do it RIGHT then! I don't want to wait.

After God clicked the DVD off, I snapped back to present and re-read the words, "Wait on the Lord". I guess God was telling me that I do not wait very patiently. I visualize myself constantly running ahead on a busy sidewalk and God is always 10 steps behind me constantly telling me to "Wait".

I know with me, I want God's day planner to match my day planner. And, when I want something I want it now. In my spiritual life, I struggle with God's time schedule. I don't like it. I know He gives me promises for my future, but I want them NOW, I don't want to wait for them. Maybe that is why He doesn't tell me stuff all the time.

Today, WATCH how you wait. I "wait" very impatiently. How can God renew my strength when I am all stressed and pulling my hair out during the "wait"? How about this verse: Psalm 37:7: "Be STILL before the Lord and WAIT patiently for him..." HA! I can just see God telling me to "sit still and quit fidgeting" over and over and over and over and over again.

Enjoy the "wait" today.


Anonymous said...


OH how I feel your pain! Waiting is the "worsest," but when we are faced with trouble or triumph it is important to live in the moment. How can we do that when we are caught up in the moment? I am constantly reminding myself to be still and wait on the Lord. God brings those into our lives that teach us valuable lessons and Matt is yours. We are never promised a tomorrow, but God will ensure that you everything that you are entitled to, but only if we take time to listen.

Love you

Mindee said...

This was a good post! We are trying to sell a house and I sound about like you as far as being patient. ahha Thank you, I have prayed about my WAITING skills (or lack there of) I will try harder.

Paige said...

Ok so from one inpatient infertile to another. Yes dear I understand! Isn't it funny how God likes to teach us things and when we realize it we are just dumbfounded at how simple it really is.

Brandon and I are polar opposites as well. Sarah used to make Brandon leave the house in his PJs because he took so long to get ready for school.

Christa said...

I needed to hear that today! We always want things in our time but we don't realize that God has His own timing for everything in our lives. I have had to work on patience alot this week...still working on it!! Love ya girl!

becca said...

David and I are opposites in that realm too. I have honked many a horn waiting on him. And since church is about the only place we go where we both have to be ready and out the door at the same time... it usually means a Sunday morning argument.
I've started putting my make up on in the car though. I get everyone in the car, start it, and then at least I have something to do!