Friday, October 16, 2009

November 4th it is.

I finally got my calendar in the mail that details our FET. I didn't realize how "easy" this round will be on my schedule and body. I started estrogen patches last Saturday and I have to switch out new ones every other day. For another week I will put on two patches every other day. Then the next week I will do three patches every other day and the last few days before FET I will have to put on four patches every other day.

I did not have my calendar and I ran out of patches on Wednesday. I had to call and have them overnight some to a local pharmacy. Since I had some left over from last time, I told them just to send me three boxes (thinking that would get me through)...NOPE, I paid $50 for three boxes and I know I will have to pay $50 for the remaining three boxes. UGH. I could kick myself...I wasn't thinking. I should have just had them send all six boxes.

Anyway, I do nothing but Estrogen patches until October 30th then I go in for an ultrasound and bloodwork. Sunday, November 1 I will begin the antibiotic, steroid and progesterone therapy until the transfer on Wednesday, November 4. I guess they forgot that I was not doing the progesterone SHOTS! BECAUSE, they have me down for SHOTS for two weeks. UGH. I am going to call on Monday to make sure we are on the same page...I was going to do the vaginal inserts instead. However, I will do anything and everything by the book. SHOTS are nothing if I can have a healthy baby.

I was really really hoping the FET would be Wed, Oct 28th. The FET's are highly manageable and easy to manipulate so we have to work around the fresh IVF'ers. No biggie, the IVF patients have to go by their schedule and it is highly unpredictable. I understand.

I found out it takes 45 minutes to thaw the babies out. I was shocked! 45 minutes????!!! Really? We need to pray that both embryos survive the thawing process. That is a big risk...they may not survive. Also, the chances of pregnancy are lower because the babies have been frozen. Fresh embryos are more likely to produce a viable pregnancy. However, Dr. Batres sees no reason why I can't get pregnant again since I was able to get pregnant last time. It isn't a guarantee of pregnancy but that "hurdle" is jumped. So....

It is going to be a LONG 2.5 weeks. When Matt called me and told me he got my calendar in the mail and then told me when the FET would be....well....I saw myself throwing my head back against the headrest of my car pitching a fit again. lol. (you have to read the previous post to get that).

Honestly, the extra week or so gives me another week for my body to "heal" and for me to be ready "mentally" for this next round. This is our last shot. Unless someone wants to donate $9000 to me...(email me we will make the arrangements). I would seriously do IVF ALL DAY LONG if I had the money. I wish the clinic would use me as a tax write off.

Matt and I have already discussed starting the foster care adoption process if this doesn't work. My heart would be broken, but I have to believe it is all for a reason and that God knows what He is doing. And, I truly believe He does.

I also think this is my 100th post! CRAZY!

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Liz said...

I've been thinking of you every day and saying a prayer for you. I don't know why God has you so strongly on my heart, but He does. I pray those precious babies survive, and that BOTH will take! Wouldn't that be a blessing!