Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here we go...

Ok...I started my period early this morning. Yes, I did. My body is pretty much back on its schedule after a 10 month "no period" hiatus. After my appointment on Monday (to refresh your memory), I was told to take Prometrium for 12 days and take a pregnancy test on like October 20th. However, my body said, "Nope".

And, I am frustrated.

The frustration doesn't come from starting. My hopes were not high and I knew I would start. I was 99% sure I would start and there was a 1% chance of hope. The 1% hope factor smarted a bit, but I am OK. The frustration lies in the call to the clinic. In the years I have been with the clinic, there have been very few times where I have been upset with the service. I had to call the after hours number and get the "doctor on call". Well, it wasn't my primary doctor.

He wasn't familiar with my case and I briefly explained my history over the last 6 weeks. He immediately said that there was an increase risk miscarriage when going immediately into another round of IVF and that we probably needed to take some time off. Well, that is TOTALLY not what my primary doc said. I told him that my plan was extended and I couldn't "take time off" or I would be out of the terms of my "financial 3 month fertility contract". He asked if I was doing FET and I said I was and then he told me that I could go ahead and put an estrogen patch on and call Debbie (IVF nurse) on Monday.

His demeanor was very unlike him (HOPEFULLY he was having a bad day); however I DO NOT feel "good" about this next FET round. I want the BEST chance that I can for the last little two embryos that we have. Are we rushing into it? Did I not explain my history well enough to him? Am I screwing something up before I can get into the clinic on Monday which will be considered Day 3???? UGH. So, I am frustrated. Not feeling confident right now...

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