Monday, October 19, 2009

Dogs Barking

My neighbors are probably ready to kill me. Zach, Dexter and Tobey are feeling GOOD and they are barking up a storm. Dexter LOVES the "big sheep dog looking like thing" named Ginger who lives next door. She lives in the house that shares our fence line. Dexter LOVES her. He sits at the door and whines and then goes to the fence and peeks through to see her. If she is outside they run the fence together. It is so cute. He is a beagle so he has that "beagle bellow". He has a crush on her...he likes bigger women :-)

I am sitting here waiting on Matt to get home. I have cleaned up the kitchen and put some chicken in and I have the back door open enjoying the cooler air. Sigh.

It is so weird how one day you can be up emotionally and the next day down. Today I have had a pretty good day. Work was very productive and busy. I like being busy; it makes the day go by faster.

I have a new dear friend, "N", who I met through this infertility journey. We have SOOOO much in common. We live states away, but we are both seven years older than our husbands AND they have the same name. We are almost the same age and we both deal with infertility. Pray for her today. She is having a really down day and she has some big crossroads coming up and needs peace with her decisions. We ALL want to be pregnant and have our own kiddos...that would be Plan "A"...but there is also Plan "B's" and sometimes that is a hard to "plan" out. Be praying for her today. Just that she would feel peace in her decisions.

I also have reconnected with an old friend, "A", and she just had three embryos transferred in. She has about another week's wait before she finds out if she is pregnant or not. This is round #4 with IVF. Her first round ended in miscarriage (sort of like mine). Please pray that whatever embryo needs to stick sticks :-) Pray for peace with the outcome.

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