Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 3 and counting....

I spoke with Debbie, our IVF nurse, and she said that we should stick with what Dr. Batres recommends. So...we will proceed this month with FET. I put on my second estrogen patch and on Wednesday I will put two on...and then Friday put two on...etc. Debbie is working on my calendar and will get in the mail to me this week. I will not have to go in for bloodwork or ultrasounds this week. WOW! I guess next week will be the key week.

Debbie is also calling in my meds...a steroid, estrogen patches (i have few left over from last time), an antibiotic & my progesterone.

This week will be a very uneventful week. Thank goodness for no shots this time. However, if I had to, I would be GLAD to take them.

This period has been my first one since January and it has been a heavy one. Very miserable. I have not missed those in the least.

So...that is the latest and greatest. I would say no less than 15 days we should have two more little ones transferred in...

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