Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Dream

It is funny how dreams can put you in a foul mood. I dreamed last night of a baby named, John. We called him "Baby John". I think he was ours biologically. I just remember so vividly holding him and feeding him and just the awe I felt of having him in my arms. UGH. Waking up sucks after those type dreams.

I remember being angry with my friends because I was looking for clothes for him and I had like one onesie. I guess I wasn't prepared...but they hadn't thrown me any showers! LOL. That was funny because I know "Nana" will NEVER let the kid want for anything. I left for work and Nana and PawPaw kept him and I remember worrying about him all day...was he warm enough, will he eat good...etc. He was so tiny. I don't know...dreams suck, especially when you wake up and reality hits.

1 comment:

little sis said...

i love you and i do have dream about babies and i hate wakeing up to!!!!lol i love u and miss u

love little sis