Friday, October 23, 2009

...And these are their stories...

Wow, what a day. If you "get" the title you must be a Law & Order fan. lol.

I am nursing a pretty big headache right now. It was a long and interesting day...and disappointing, I might add.

I had to report to jury duty this morning for a civil trial. Matt and I decided to switch vehicles today since he was doing a little long distance driving and I was staying in Conway. (His truck gets 9 mpg)...nice. So, he asks me to get his wallet out of the truck for him...and it wasn't in there. First I noticed that his truck door hit my car and dinged it and his glove compartment was open. It just didn't feel right, and when his wallet wasn't in the center console, well, I knew something was up. Matt is very particular about things in his truck and I knew he wouldn't have left it like that.

To say the least, Matt was FURIOUS. Furious. Seriously, furious. I have been busy all day and haven't been able to talk to I don't know what has happened since this morning. On to jury duty...

Well, it started at 9 am and I was hoping I would get picked. I don't know why...just to experience it and to say I "did" it, I guess. There were 75 - 100 potential jurors...they randomly selected 18 to "start" with. I was the FIRST person randomly selected!!! LOL!

So, I got to march up to the jury box! After all 18 of us were seated, the lawyers began what's called "Voir Dire" or where the lawyers weed out the potential jurors. I didn't have any comments on any of the questions (i.e., I didn't know the plaintiff or defendant or the lawyers. I didn't have any opinions on if chiropractors were better or worse than medical doctors, etc.) I didn't have to say anything and I was one of 13 chosen (Juror 13 was the alternate).

The case was eight years old. A lady rear ended another lady in 2001. Right off the bat we got to see pictures of both vehicles and to be honest...I couldn't even FIND the scratches on either vehicle. There were no dents JUST SCRATCHES! The plaintiff was the first witness and she was just shady right off the bat. She had had two previous wrecks and she said the 2001 wreck had rendered her unable to work, blah blah blah. Nothing really added up. I liked her lawyer but not her...and I didn't like the other lawyer but I was leaning towards his client (he had a passive sarcastic aggressive personality). It got heated at times and a little uncomfortable.

When we broke for lunch it was, unfortunately, not far into the witnesses. And, we continued the trial until after five and at that point we had only heard from three of the six witnesses! We were all getting restless and antsy. I was developing a huge headache and was in DIRE need of a diet coke. The judge called a recess and when we got back the two parties had SETTLED! We were all like REALLY? One cute old gentleman said it was "anti-climatic"...we didn't even get to discuss the case or anything! So it was a let down. I only got to experience HALF of it!

Sorry if I bored you.

I don't have to call back in for duty until December. Maybe I will get a criminal case then...sigh.

During some of the recesses we were able to witness other things...newly arrested people being brought up on charges at their first court appearances, was interesting to say the least. I will write more later on those...

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