Monday, September 28, 2009

OOOOOO-vulation (like the song Oklahoma)

Well, if we are pregnant it happened yesterday or today. Ovulation occurred yesterday or today. I am usually a Day 14 or Day 15 girl. Honestly, I am not getting my hopes up...not being negative...just realistic. Again, we have done the natural route a TON of times and have had NO luck.

It kills me to think that someone has about a 36-48 hour period out of month to get pregnant. If I would have known you could figure out when you are ovulating and that was the ONLY time you could get pregnant...well, I wouldn't have been scared to be a little promiscuous. Just kidding, it had nothing to do with getting pregnant out of wedlock...I just wanted to save myself for my husband. Yes, I was one of "those" people.

OK, watching Castle on ABC. Makes me LAUGH. I love this show. This show was Becky and my favorite. We texted throughout the show. Becky has now developed pneumonia, fever and elevated heart rate. Keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

I also have two friends who are starting fertility rounds. One is starting her 4th IVF is starting a medicated IUI round. Babies are wanted so can pray for them too :-)

OOOOOOOvulation where the sperm comes sweeping down...OK...I'll stop.


becca said...

where the egg comes floatin down the tube...
I am eternally grateful I was not promiscuous b/c I would have been one who got pregnant with one oops moment. I don't seem to ovulate on a particular day each month so there is no predicting it for me (or so my track record would suggest).
Here's hoping the o naturale method works for you! Sending fertility vibes your way!!

Karen said...

Your "song" totally cracked me up. I "make up" songs all the time . . it drives Aaron nuts!

BTW, you never know . . all naturale may work this time . . keep those legs elevated - ha!

Marc and Charity said...

you are crazy! :)
I miss you, lets chat soon!

Just Jiff said...

I was one of "those" girls too. :)

You're in may daily thoughts and prayers. And I even had a co-worker put you on her church's prayer list. That list has worked small miracles for me, so she put yours and Matt's names on it. I'm praying this works for you. If it does, you SO owe me a dinner. lol.