Thursday, September 24, 2009


I had a follow up doctor's appointment today. I really do love the clinic...I love being recognized and feeling like I am more than a number or a chart. It was a long visit...2 hours and 5 minutes. They were pretty backed up but they are all so apologetic. Even Dr. Batres popped his head in my room and said he was so sorry and he wasn't ready for me yet but he was so sorry it was taking so long. I totally understand. I am not a patient person but I know they were really backed up and it happens.

Anyway, we did an ultrasound today to see if my uterus looked ok, etc. Well, it was very full and thick. Dr. B thought I was ovulating. OVULATING so soon after a miscarriage! I haven't even started my period! It has been 23 days since my D&C! He thinks I am ovulating. My left ovary has a follicle (egg) that is measuring 18 mm. Which means I am about on day 11 of a cycle! Didn't see this coming.

My qHCG (I had more bloodwork today) will show and tell more about what is going on. If I am ovulating, then we cannot start the FET yet (Frozen Embryo Transfer) because I cannot be ovulating during FET. So, if that is the case, then we will do a natural cycle this month...meaning Matt and I will just try on our own to get pregnant. It has never worked before...however, wouldn't that be something? I should get the results from the qHCG tomorrow.

If my qHCG is still high then he will put me on progesterone to induce my period. Then we can manipulate my cycle from there and start the FET.

I have to take my temperature for 2 is called BBT (Basal Body Temperature). Supposedly your body temp is lower during the first part of your menstrual cycle and the last two weeks are higher. It will measure ovulation. Anyway, every morning I must take my temperature and track it that way.

Anyway, that is about all. Please pray for my friend, Becky's, family. The third EEG came back slower than the other two and the doctors say she will not regain consciousness. They have taken her off all tubes & meds and she is now in "comfort care". They are making her as comfortable as possible. The family posted today that they have begun funeral arrangements. It could be a matter of a day or several. Please pray for her family. This time is extremely difficult. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I used to do BBT before I knew we were infertile...just remember you have to take it at the exact same time everyday and before you get out of bed:)

Florence said... exciting that your body is getting back in rhythm so quickly and au naturale...I know you aren't going to be overly optimistic about getting pregnant on your own but the fact is, it could just happen! We'll pray that baby Brown comes to you "one way or another" at just the right time! Just practice practice practice! ha ha (don't let Matt read that!!:)

I'm so sorry about Becky..can't imagine what the family, those precious kiddo's are going through and will continue to pray. Did you ever say what caused the heart attack? Love ya girl

Marc and Charity said...

Wow, I will be praying for you. And for Becky's family :(