Friday, September 11, 2009

Bike MS...

I am in Wichita, KS, for their Bike MS event. We are having a good time. I miss my Bike MS folks in will be my first one to miss in NINE years. I LOVE my riders! I hope and pray that they have an AWESOME ride without me and a SAFE one too. GOOD LUCK and RAISE A LOT of MONEY!

We got to see Becky last night. Her blood pressure was elevated so she was a little agitated. I told her that she owed me and that she would do anything to get me to Wichita...I told her about Big Brother...Erin told her about Ellen DeGeneres as the new American Idol the time we left her blood pressure was lower and she was resting peacefully. Becky has a long road ahead but we are praying for a FULL and SPEEDY recovery!!!

I am at the NMSS office waiting on Erin to finish up some last minute I am taking advantage of the time to write a quick note. I got the results from the qHCG from Wednesday...and I am still considered "pregnant" hormonally. My hcg was at needs to be under 5, preferably under 2. My very first qHCG was I am still not down to normal yet. I have been sore and a little crampy but I have also done NOTHING physically in at least three months and so my body isn't used to physical labor.

Anyway, I had three dear friends have babies this week. Jackson Lim (on 9-9-9); Benjamin Harris Friedman (9-11-9) and Harper Ashlyn Ohs (9-11-9). The last two are co-workers' little was fun they had them on the same day. Congratulations, Kim & Denny (Jackson's mom and dad); Yael & Josh & Lee (Benjamin's mom and dad and 2 year old brother); and Heather & Dave & Bria (Harper's mom and dad and 2 year old sister)!

OK - gonna sign off for a few days. Talk with you early next week!

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