Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 9!

I cannot believe I am already at week NINE! I really debated on posting Week 9 information before tomorrow's sonogram; however, I am moving along and praying that tomorrow we will be A-OKAY!

So, WEEK NINE! Like I said in an earlier post, I receive weekly newsletters in my inbox on Baby Brown's progress. My heart SKIPPED a beat when I saw WEEK 9! Here is the progress!

Week 9

Congratulations, Lisa! You're Nine Weeks Pregnant. Your embryo
measures about 0.9 inches to 1.2 inches from crown to rump, or the size of a strawberry. The arms and legs are getting longer, and the fingers might be a little swollen where the touch pads are forming. The head is more erect and the neck is more developed. Your baby now moves its body and limbs, and this movement can be visible during an ultrasound, but you won't be able to feel it yet. Your uterus is continuing to grow, and your waistline is thickening. But unless you tell people the good news, your pregnancy still won't be noticeable to others. Weight gain is small, if at all, since you could be experiencing food aversions (or cravings), heartburn, indigestion, nausea and bloating. Mood swings and weepiness similar to PMS symptoms are also common.

I hope to have a good picture from the ultrasound tomorrow.

If you read this tonight...we need a GREAT REPORT TOMORROW! We need Baby Brown to speed up a little in development AND for the amniotic fluid to be in vast supply!

I have been experiencing several symptoms; however, all in all I feel GREAT! I have been nauseated about one out of every five days, food hasn't tasted good (except today's banana, ritz crackers & peanut butter), the bathroom is my second home and I THINK I am experiencing a little heart burn. My favorite restaurant is Senor Tequilas and I was so disappointed because it didn't taste good to me! I only ate HALF of my chips and salsa! What's up with that?

Matt was excited today when I reminded him of the appointment. He has our camera ready so HOPEFULLY we will hear the heartbeat again tomorrow and video it. Honestly, I am a little gun shy about being so hopeful. I know I have reason to hope, but it is scary because we have had such a roller coaster ride with this baby.

If you can pray for us tonight I would greatly appreciate it...Here are some specifics...
  2. Development has sped up to where it needs to be (i.e., at week 7 baby was measuring 6 weeks, 2 days)...we need he/she to measure at 9 weeks!
  3. Peace! I need peace of mind tonight and tomorrow. My heart about beats out of my chest when the ultrasound is about to start.
  4. God's will. God knows what He is doing. Help my mind to REMEMBER that tomorrow.
  5. Matt gets there on time. This maybe funny to you; however, it STRESSES ME OUT!


Karen said...

I'll be praying tomorrow! Congratulations and continue to enjoy your pregnancy (when you can).


Liz said...

will be praying Lisa.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for Matt! smile!!!! Peanut is going to be fine tomorrow!!! Kids!!! They never know how much they worry us!!!