Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two steps forward...One step back...

God gets the Glory!

Matt and I had been sitting in the room for about 40 minutes before a Resident came in the ultrasound room. I was a little miffed because last week's appointment was highly emotional and I really needed an expert (Dr. Batres) to examine me. So Dr. "Resident" started the ultrasound and said, "Do you have to pee?" She couldn't see my uterus because my bladder was pushing so hard against it. LOL. So, we had to stop the ultrasound and I had to go pee. Fun.

So, Ultrasound #2. I was certain the baby wasn't there. I did not see a black circle or anything that resembled an embryo or sac or anything. It was gray and fuzzy and I just was like "OK, so this is it". Then all of a sudden I heard this "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" noise and I said, "Is that a heartbeat?" And, she said yes. I slammed my head back on the table and was like "OH!" Matt just laughed. The BPM (beats per minute) was 122. She said anything over 100 was good.

At this point Dr."Resident" said that the baby was hard to see because it was really fuzzy and gray. It needed to be black or clear. She said she didn't know if that was an issue for concern or not but Dr. Batres would want to see. I was again stressed because this is a very sensitive issue and I didn't want to hear "I don't know what that means". So, she left us in there for Dr. B's visit.

Ultrasound #3. Dr. Batres came in and, bless his heart, he was the only doctor there. He went ahead and checked me out for himself. We heard the heartbeat again :-) And, then told me to go ahead and go back to his office.

We went into his office and I guess some pertinent info was missing from my THREE previous ultrasounds and Dr. B needed me to go back to the ultrasound room to have another ultrasound (Ultrasound #4) because he needed to compare apples to apples (his measurements from last week to HIS measurements (not the resident's measurements) from this week). OK with Ultrasound #4 over...whew...not the most fun I've had...we headed back into Dr. B's office. I am supposed to be 7 weeks 1 day pregnant. I am measuring 6 weeks 2 days.

I was seriously shocked that the baby had grown. I was even more shocked that we heard a viable strong heartbeat. I just was in awe and wonder. But...

We got some bad news with the good. The gestational sac that holds the baby did not hold a lot of fluid. This sac and it's fluid aids in the development of muscles and lungs and just the overall development of the baby. We need MORE fluid! The lack of fluid increases the chance of miscarriage and birth defects.

There isn't anything that we can do at this point but pray. We were so excited to hear the little one's heartbeat and then to get some really sobering news of the LACK of amniotic fluid! ROLLER COASTER!

There are three positives out of this...HEARTBEAT and progressing (albeit SLOW progressing) pregnancy AND my progesterone levels were GREAT so NO MORE SHOTS! I get to switch to Prometrium pills...they are pill inserts.

This baby is still fighting and overcoming the odds and obstacles. We have another hurdle to cross...we need MORE fluid in the gestational sac. I go back on September 1 for another ultrasound with Dr. Batres. In the meantime, I am going to set up an appointment with my regular OB/GYN (the one I used before all of this fertility stuff). I am going to miss Dr. B and his group. Not enough to keep going back for treatment...but they have been wonderful.

PLEASE PRAY FOR FLUID! The perfect amount of FLUID and for this baby to keep growing and catching up to where it needs to be!!!!


Ravingly Lucid said...

Big congratulations on hearing that wonderful, miracle sound of a heartbeat. I just know that all will be OK and that your prayers are not only being heard, but met. One by one.

Florence said...

Lisa...amazing news. Satan is certainly trying to burst your bubble with all of these worries but please please focus on all of the positives--the MIRACLES you have today.....God is indeed amazing and I have been about the business of praising His name for your news....I am so excited. PLEASE remember that 99% of pregnant women do NOT have ultrasounds at this stage of the game and who knows what would be seen or should be normal etc etc. And...the measurements might be off what is expected but that baby has grown consistently--I just imagine being Matt's child that he/she decided to hang out a little longer than is normal before implanting...no big whoop there! It's to be expected! LOL

I understand the concerns--not dismissing them, just refusing to believe in less than you holding a precious child in your arms. I trust in, serve, and will be continually praying to a God who knows the desires of your heart.


Love you girl

Anonymous said...

Praying for fluid! Praying for a strong heartbeat! Praying for your mind to be at ease! Praying for you to enjoy this pregnancy! Praying for the Browns to have a healthy beautiful baby! Praying for the Browns!

Dear Lisa and Matt,

I am praying for you both. I know that you both know that God will take care of everything. I'm praying for your minds to be at ease. For him to bring peace and comfort to you both so you can enjoy this experience. I'm keeping up with your blog. Thank you so much for sharing this with us

little sis said...

wow wow lisa that is awesome i love u guys so much!!!

love little sis!!

Karen said...

I can't wait to meet this little fighter!! You too are a fighter . . what a roller coaster!!!

Love you and we will keep praying . .

I'm so excited for you!!

Denasgifts said...

Im so excited, I just have to belive this is all going to be great. Love ya girl, thank you so much for sharing this all with us.