Friday, August 21, 2009

Twiddling my Thumbs..

Yeah, that is what I am doing. I am sitting here "waiting". Again. It has only been four days since we heard the heartbeat and I still have 11 days left before I can see him/her again! I have been drinking as much water as I can....I am praying that water is filling up the gestational sac. *sigh*

If I had money like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes I would most definitely get an ultrasound machine. *sigh*

I am surprised that I haven't experienced more morning sickness. Mom said she was sick 24/7 with both her pregnancies with Marc and I just ASSUMED I would be too. I wouldn't mind being sick as long as the baby is healthy; however, I might be totally blessed with a healthy pregnancy AND no morning sickness! WOW!

I have had some morning sickness (well "after 5 sickness")...once every four or five days but I have been tired and I am peeing all the time...however, I am drinking a TON of water so that could be the frequent urination.

I am so analytical...with work it is GOOD but with my personal life sometimes I can think myself right out of a blessing. This baby has a calling on its life already. This baby has proven time and again that PRAYER works. I pray and hope that everyone who has committed to praying with Matt and me about Baby Brown will renew their faith and confidence in prayer. BECAUSE IT WORKS! On the flip side, if for some reason Baby Brown was only supposed to be here for a few short weeks, well, just know God is still faithful.

Anyway, boring post, I know. I am still praying for this blessed baby. I am trying not to worry and enjoy every minute of every day that I am carrying this child. I pray that God answers my prayers and YOURS and let's us deliver a healthy baby and raise he/she up living wholeheartedly for Christ.


Just Jiff said...

Yes, prayer works. I've been praying for you and Baby Brown. :)

I didn't have morning sickness. I did have food and smell aversions though. Most foods and smells made me nauseus. Weird, but it worked out in my favor because I only gained 17 pounds in my pregnancy.

You can get one of those dopplers at Target for like $40 or $50 that come with earphones so you can listen to your baby's heartbeat. It's not the same as seeing your baby, but hearing the heartbeat is always comforting too. :)

Anonymous said...

Just Jiff!!! You are a genius, whoever you are!!!

Nana Deb is going to Target and get a Doppler... asap!!!

I want to hear my grandbaby's heartbeat!!!!!!

Lisa, honey, Mom has a new project!! Get

I know, I know, Lisa...I can just hear you now saying, "Oh, Lord, help me!"