Friday, August 07, 2009


I am so glad it is Friday. Matt has gone to a national church softball tournament and I am here by myself. I am just piled up in bed playing Farmtown and watching TV.

It is so funny/scary how my emotions are up and down. I was on cloud 10 the day I found out we were pregnant...I was down in the pit 5 days later when my levels were not going up properly...I was on cloud 15 when we got great results on Monday and now the nerves are kicking in again and I am worried about Tuesday.

I had a dream a few nights ago that was so vividly real. Matt and I had gone to the doctor and there was nothing there...just a blob and no heart beat. Ugh. I woke up and was so upset. I am anxiously waiting for Tuesday...I will feel so much better when we see that little squirrel like thing :-) and a hear a heartbeat.

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Just Jiff said...

well, get used to the rollercoaster. Even with a "normally conceived" (whatever that is. lol) pregnancy, your hormones will make you (and Matt..ha) crazy.

I was a nervous wreck throughout my entire pregnancy. Always worried about birth defects, etc. And it doesn't end after you give birth... you're always worried about germs, them getting hurt, etc.

Welcome to Mommyhood! :)