Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, Wednesday

I am about to head out to church tonight. We are having Pizza Night tonight.

I feel a lot better today than yesterday. It is a wonder what a good night's sleep will do for you. The older I get, the more I totally agree with "just sleep on it"! I always feel different about things in the morning. "Sorrow may last for the night...but Joy comes in the morning".

I am so thankful to be able to make it this far. A wise friend of mine said yesterday - celebrate the benchmarks. I am trying to do just that. I had many friends email over the course of 24 hours and tell me stories of how their levels were very slow starting out and then they finally took off. I pray tomorrow that they are where they need to be. I guess my child will be like it's dad..."late". Everyone who knows Matt...totally understands.

This might be TMI but I had friends praying that the sperm that fertilized the eggs would not have the A.D.D. gene. LOL. My husband is sooooo A.D.D. and I am not. Lol. My mom was at an A.D.D. workshop and they were talking about how they "know" which sperm had A.D.D. and which did not. The sperm that swam straight and to the "goal" did not have A.D.D. but the ones that swam round and round and round and round and round did. LOL. They, of course, were kidding about that theory but I thought it was hilarious.

I guess my child is "not making good use of time" right now (all you teachers will understand that terminology - it used to be on our report/progress cards). I have a lot of brainwashing to do when this kid comes out.

Anyway, I was being a Moses yesterday (thank you for lifting my arms up in prayer). I felt it. We have all bound together in prayer and I know tomorrow's results will be just perfect. I am expecting the levels to be good. Thank you so much for all the time you have invested in praying for this little one(s). He and/or she will have a very special purpose to accomplish here on earth and I know each and everyone one of you who have been praying will have played a HUGE part in that.

Pray specifically that the number tomorrow is over 250!!!!!


Jessica said...

Lisa - Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am confident that your numbers will look great tomorrow! I am so proud of you for how far you have come and your upbeat positive attitude. You are definitly an inspiration!
Jessica (brooke's friend) :)

babies wanted... said...

your in my thoughts and prayers...excited for your update. its the highlight of my day:)

MommaFlo said...

Hey...just wanted to say that while the docs put faith in those HCG numbers (and I understand why-gotta have a norm, blah blah blah) God sees right past those numbers. When Job was sick...they kept saying, people can't live with CO2 that high...people can't survive this and that and the other thing based on "test" results....Tina finally said, stop asking about results--those are just numbers and my hope is in God. Another great baby story about "tests numbers"? With Kyle, I did a preg test and it was neg but a week later I KNEW I was preg so went to doc...he did test and was neg and I was still sure I was so he did an HCG....too low for viable preg and wanted to start me on pill to cause period...I cried and refused...he said come back in two weeks...again HCG although some higher not high enough for viable preg for that timeframe and he practically insisted on chemical DNC but I said NO....he said, let's do a vag ultrasound so I can prove to you that there is no baby.......guess what? KYLE was there! It happens....why? I do not know! God is great....hang in there REGARDLESS of tomorrow...God wants your faith, your praise, your love no matter ya girl