Friday, July 24, 2009

Day Twenty One

I am lying in bed crying while watching "What Not to Wear". Ugh. Hormones. Whether it is pregnancy or just all the medicinal hormones...whoa. I had another "faint/starving" feeling today and ran to McDonald's and grabbed a happy meal (chicken nuggets & apple wedges). I have no idea what possessed me to bypass the FRENCH FRIES, but I got apples instead. And, I ended up dipping my straw in the hot mustard for the tang. (which isn't too unusual for me).

I have cramped all day. It has worried me. I have not had any spotting or anything, but I just wish my uterus would relax. lol.

I can't believe it has been a week and a day since transfer. Wow. I am ready for Monday. I will be crawling out of my skin waiting for the call. I don't know if they will tell me there or call me...that will be a LONG wait.

I am trying to think of all the scenarios "of telling the news" since the whole world knows we will know if we are pregnant or not on Monday. If it is a YES! there is no time for "surprising" the parents with some cool or fun way. I guess a phone call will have to do. If it is a NO...then I will probably text everyone and blog later. Hibernation will probably be the course of action for the day.

If anyone has any fun ideas (remember, time is essential) because family needs to know first and I have tons of friends who will be dying to know. I think if we ARE pregnant then we will let everyone know in a non-fun way then when we find out the "how many are there" part (2 weeks later) then we can do something fun then.

Anyway, just rambling now. It is going to be a long weekend and I am just so tempted to take a home pregnancy test but the doctors have asked me not to...false negatives and false positives are too's to waiting!


becca said...

You left out which beanie baby you got!
I've never done anything exciting as far as sharing news goes, so I've got nothing for ya there. I can't keep a secret to save my life, so it has always just been a phone call... or email... or word of mouth.
But I will be going nuts wondering even though I don't know you that well. So I do hope you will blog before too long!

Marc and Charity said...

you better call me.