Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day Twelve - Part 1

Oh, what great news we received! Stephanie, from the clinic, called and said all four are still strong! One rated EXCELLENT and the other three rated GOOD! I am beside myself! I am so excited and thrilled and relieved! Our four little ones are FIGHTERS!

They are supposed to call me by 3 pm and let me know what time transfer will be tomorrow. TRANSFER IS TOMORROW! Wow! Stephanie said they will at least transfer two - maybe three. She asked if I was ok with that and I said YES! She said it depended on the grades tomorrow and the recommendation of Dr. Moutus & our embryologist, Mahlon. Wow. I am so excited.

We will freeze the embryos we do not use (either one or two). Wow, what great news! Thank you for all the prayers...keep them coming! I will post more later!


Denasgifts said...

Oh Lisa how exciting!!!!!I cant wait! Im so excited I feel like its me going through it. lol

Kristy Terrell said...

I'm so excited for you! Keeping my fingers crossed and my prayers going up.

Florence said...

Wowzer, wowzer.......yeah! THANK YOU LORD

becca said...

hey here is a link to my friend's site I told you about, in case you haven't checked it out. This is the month she did her transfer. Scroll on down to the beginning of the month.