Monday, July 06, 2009

Day Three

Today didn't started out so great. I had to get up early and take Zach (our schnauzer) to the vet. He is allergic to grass or something outside this time of year and his poor stomach looks terrible. He scoots himself across the rough carpet hoping to get relief. Poor guy. One steroid shot and one benadryl down so hopefully he will start feeling better soon.

Earlier this afternoon, I had some minor cramping, mild discomfort, tingling of my arms, and dizziness. I called Debby (my IVF nurse) and she said that more than likely it is normal but when I go in for my lab work tomorrow that she wanted them to take my blood pressure. I have taken it easy all day and didn't go to work. I have been in bed pretty much all day because I have just felt weird. I can't explain it - just weird.

My shots tonight were not bad. I just feel weird. That is my phrase for the day.

So, I have labwork tomorrow at 8 a.m. and I should know tomorrow by 3 if we need to change any of the "recipe".

Actually I have two really urgent prayer needs from two separate friends. I am not going to tell the details or even summarize the need but God knows their names and every hair on their heads. Just pray for complete healing and for them to be drawn into God's loving arms. The two situations are entirely different circumstances but both are very lonely "places" but God's love, healing and presence are universal in every problem. So, please lift these two up in prayer. Thank you.

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