Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day Thirteen

Wow, what a day! This is day 13 of our IVF journey. Lucky number 13. Matt and I were engaged Dec. 13, 2004 married Jan 13, 2005 and our embryos were retrieved and conceived on July 13! Lucky 13!

It was a crazy day. Matt (of course) made me late for the procedure. At about 9:45 am the clinic called me and at first it SCARED me because I was like, why are they calling me when they know I will be there in 15 minutes! But, they had great news and told me that one of our Good "babies" had upgraded into an Excellent rating!

So we had an "Excellent-Good" and an "Excellent"! That meant they would transfer or "put back" only two! Which is FINE! The clinic went ahead and froze the other two embryos. They were rated "Good" still. Lauren (the nurse) asked me if that was OK and I was like PERFECT!

After we got to the clinic, they called me back and had me put on full operation garb (hair net, socks, etc). We went through all the paper work and everything looked optimal and then they wheeled me back. This table was full of all my "instruments".

My first step was to talk to our embryologist, Mahlon. He came in and told me that we had two great looking embryos to transfer and the other two were frozen now. He asked me if I had any questions and I didn't so on to step two. I was prepped for Dr. Batres (I thought it was going to be Dr. Moutus but I didn't care they are all great). Part of the process was to have a partial to full bladder so my bladder would push my uterus up so they could get a better look at it with the abdominal ultrasound. So, Lauren (nurse) pushed on my bladder and I was like WHOA...he he he it was pretty full.

Anyway, Dr. Batres came in and prepped me (i.e. speculum, measured endometrial lining, measured the ovaries, cleaned my cervix and pinpointed on the ultrasound screen where he wanted to place the embryos). Then the sweet little "babies" were brought in from the lab. I was like WOW. This is it! It was definitely a moment - I didn't care if I was spread eagle up side down!

The actual transfer took all of a minute. I watched on the ultrasound screen as the tube entered my uterus and Dr. B. released the babies inside. I was in awe. You can't see the actual "babies" on the screen but you can see the fluid that housed the "babies". It glowed white. The first picture shows it and the second picture has the red arrow that shows the "babies".

Dr. Batres then passed the catheter to Mahlon and he checked to see if it was clear of the "babies". He gave the all clear! I asked Dr. B what my chances looked like. He said between 45% and 50%...not too bad. Everything is in optimal shape!

Mahlon then came back in and gave me the dish that housed the embryos. He told me that this was the last home they had before they were put back where they belonged :-) ET means Embryo Transfer...BRO means Brown...and 7/16 was obviously the date.

They wheeled me back to recovery and I rested for another 30 minutes before I got dressed and relieved my THEN FULL bladder. Lauren then put me in a wheelchair and took me downstairs.

I am on bedrest for the next few days. I feel amazing! Just the possibility of having one or even two sweet babies in me just makes me feel...well, amazing!

So...regarding this point I started two estrogen patches this morning, I am still taking one IM progesterone shot every morning at 7:45 a.m. and I take my last antibiotic & steroid pills today. Now we have a waiting game on our hands.

Matt and I are just so blessed to have the opportunity to do this. I go in at 8 a.m. on Monday, July 27 for a pregnancy test (and NO, I am not going to test at home!) It is not recommended to test at home because I have too many hormones in me that could produce a false positive or false negative. So, I am going to ride out the process and patiently wait for July 27th.

Thanks for all your prayers!


florence said...

hallelujah!!! happy birthday baby browns

Denasgifts said...

So awesome. i cant wait for the result day.. Congrats mommie

David Dixon said...

congrats!!! its the best thing that will happen in your life!! i promise

Brooke said...

did you say patiently wait?! Just kidding! YAY I have tears!! I love it! Today is such a great day! Love you ALL so much! I can't wait for July 27!!

Sonya Burks said...

I'm not sure how we are all gonna stand waiting that long! I'm so excited and anxious. I know you guys are more excited and anxious than any of us can imagine! I'm sending lots and lots of prayers up for you. My brother and sister-in-law went through this 7 years ago. they have 3 boys and a girl. yes, quads! One embryo split into identical twins. You just never know what God has in store for you!!

Marc and Charity said...

You crack me up taking pics of the speculum! :) hehehe. Love you lots! I'll talk to you later today!

little sis said...

happy birthday babie browns wooo hooo lisa i told you so jk i love you both

love big sis andrea

little sis said...

happy birthday babie browns wooo hooo lisa i told you so jk i love you both

love big sis andrea

Karen said...

Just returned from vacation and had to read your blog first thing . . YEAH!!! Great news! I am so excited for you!

I also love how honest your blog is . . keep up the good work!