Monday, July 13, 2009

Day Ten - Egg Retrieval Day

Well today was Egg Retrieval Day! The whole process was much like outpatient surgery. I had two amazing nurses that prepped me and everything - I LOVED them! Shout out to Stephanie & Karen! They made me feel so calm and confident. Karen is 41 and 34 weeks pregnant. This is her second baby through IVF so she was the perfect person to have back there. She was my nurse anesthetist.

Anyway, I don't remember much because the drugs they gave worked very quickly and I was out. The procedure last all of 15 minutes and Dr. Moutus took every thing I had out. They officially have 11 eggs. We know the number but we don't know the quality right now. PRAY FOR FERTILIZATION. That is happening RIGHT NOW!

I am taking it easy today but I am not in much pain at all. Maybe some mild pelvic discomfort. They went in and stuck a 16 inch needle through the sides of my cervix to get to my ovaries to "suck" the eggs out.

Anyway, tomorrow I must start the IM (intramuscular) Progesterone shots between the time of 6-8 a.m. EARLY! I still have to figure this one out. Stephanie, my nurse, got a sharpie and marked the area on my butt that I needed to target for my Progesterone shot. I have heard horror stories about this. I also finish out my Doxycycline Antibiotic and start my Medrol which is a steroid. Progesterone shots start tomorrow and Estrogen patches begin on Thursday. More than likely we will have the transfer on Thursday!

Thank you for all the prayers. Keep praying especially that the 11 FERTILIZE! That is our little milestone for tonight! I will post more when I get more info! They are going to call in the morning and let me know how many fertilized!


babies wanted... said...

Reading your blog brings back all my feeling from my first IVF! I know how scary it is, have faith and pray:)

Sounds like you are feeling pretty good, praying that I feel that good this next time.

Can't wait to hear your news tomorrow, im glued to your page on pins and needles!

Marc and Charity said...

Can't wait to hear!!!! I hate being 6 hours ahead of you b/c I have to wait all day to hear something! :)