Thursday, July 09, 2009

Day Six - Part 1

The roller coaster was still on its way down this morning from last night. I did make it to my appointment and I mustered up enough "hope" because I was excited to see all my little follicles. I had about a 25 minute wait before I was called back to give blood for my labs. For some reason, she tried to get blood out of a strange spot on my arm and she had to dig around a little bit. I have great veins so I was like - well, dang, girl! It actually didn't hurt but she had to switch to the other arm and she hit the vein immediately.

After the lab work, I went into my "room" and waited. I decided to take a picture of my favorite ultrasound machine. We have become pretty intimate with one another. So, here it is.

Anyway, Dr. Moutus came in today. I have seen all three since my IVF round started. During the ultrasound I was concerned because I did not see many follicles. Remember, I had 17 last week. Each time they do an ultrasound they usually measure something whether it be the size of the ovary or the size of the follicle. And, today he only measured eight

Last week when Dr. Miller counted 17 follicles, I asked what normal was and he said 5-10 in EACH ovary. So, he said I was good. Well, only eight were measured and then Dr. Moutus showed me the sizes and he determined only SIX at this time were probably going to make it. Punch in the gut. I asked him the obvious question, "Six is low, right?" He did say that six was on the low side. But, we still have six right.

Ugh - I was and am upset. How did we start with 17 and fall all the way to SIX? Who knows...all we know is that we now have SIX right now. Statistically, not all of those will make it. I was talking with a friend today who is going through IVF as well and we were talking about the different milestones that we have to work with and be thankful for when we reach them...

1. YAY we have sperm :-)
2. YAY we have follicles :-)
3. YAY we have more than one follicle! :-)

4. Retrieval - we need mature eggs!
5. Fertilization - we need fertilization!
6. Growth - we need them to split and continue to be EXCELLENT!

7. How many are good to implant?
8. IMPLANT! We need the embryos we transfer to implant!
9. Sit and wait for 2 weeks...we will know July 27 or 28.

So I guess we are on #4 a long way to go...

Tonight and tomorrow night we do shots as normal. Saturday morning I have an appointment for labs and ultrasound. I will know a better idea of our retrieval day then...we are looking at Monday or Tuesday still. We will see!

Yesterday was bad and the first part of today was actually even worse. Today is my husband's b-day so I have had to slap on a smile tonight for him. Thank you for all my friends and all the words of encouragement.


little sis said...

hey i love you and ian still praying for u guys

love your little sis andrea

Denasgifts said...

Its all going to work out.. we all gotta keep the faith hunny.