Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day Seven

I am writing a day later but this is about Day Seven. I was too tired last night and mentally blah so I didn't get around to blogging.

I actually video taped myself mixing my shots to show. I do not expect you to watch, but if you are interested in seeing the process of mixing the shots...well here you go...

This video clip is of me mixing my Bravelle and Menupur shot. You will see six different little vials on my counter. Four of the vials are Bravelle, one vial is Menupur and one vial is the mixing solution. This shot alone is over $400.

Video 1: Bravelle/Menopur Shot

The next clip is me preparing my Leuprolide shot. It is the smaller easier one.

Video 2: Leuprolide Shot

If you have your sound up (especially on this one) you will hear Matt in the background playing Wii Little League World Series. This one is just fun. I am trying to be all professional and'll see...


lil sis andrea said...

so i think i have some achol pads hahahhahahah so it sounds good so far ok i have to get off but you are a amasing person and tell matt not to play mlb allstars while u are doing it jk anyways see ya lata sister

love ya sista andrea

lil sis said...

when you are doing the shots sorry