Wednesday, July 01, 2009


The IVF cycle has officially begun...unofficially.

Anyway, I had my lab work and my ultrasound this morning. I saw Dr. Miller today. The ultrasounds are performed vaginally (which I am quite accustomed t0). The screen shows your ovaries and how many potential "eggs" are there. Eggs are tiny and you don't actually see them on the screen...but you see the follicles. The follicle houses the egg and at the right time during your cycle it releases the egg to be fertilized. Dr. Miller counted 11 follicles in my right ovary and six in my left.

With me being on the Lupron injections to put me into menopause to suppress my ovaries, Dr. Miller said my ovaries looked really good. Normally, an ovary produces 5-10 follicles every month. Not all of those follicles mature and release an egg. Some just dissolve and go away and some of those follicles turn into cysts. Anyway, I have 17 potential "eggs". Not all of those will be harvested...some will mature and some will not; however, Dr. Miller did say that I have a couple extra eggs to play with. So, that is GREAT news.

Because of my menopause/suppressed ovary state, I may have to stay on the stimulation drugs an extra day or so to help boost my hormone levels. All in all it was a positive visit! I should receive my lab results this afternoon (which should still show my levels as suppressed, no surprise there).

My pharmacy arrived today too...OH MY, I cannot get over the amount of medication. I am a little overwhelmed and will need to call and have Debby walk me through what I have again. I will take a picture of all of it tonight and post.

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Marc and Charity said...

Great news girl!!! Praying for good eggs :) Love you!