Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day Nineteen & Day Twenty

Waiting is the only thing going on. It really hasn't been eating at me much. The closer I get to Monday the more I analyze every cramp and ache and anything!

Nothing profound to say tonight. I did hit some kind of brick wall was lunch time and I was feeling faint like my blood sugar was bottoming out. I ran to Chick-fil-a and ate in in my car when I got back to work. Got in to work and told Patrick (my co-worker) that I wasn't feeling good and I was going to rest on our couch for a minute. I woke up an hour and half later! I am not kidding. I ended up going home after that because I just felt so tired. Pregnancy fatigue? Emotional fatigue? I guess I will find out on Monday!

1 comment:

becca said...

Could be! The famished feeling is definitely an early sign for me (so is gagging when I brush my teeth).