Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day Nine

I have been sick all day today - I don't know if it was the shot or the antibiotic from this morning or what. Ugh, it hasn't been a good day in that respect.

After midnight tonight I cannot have food or drink. I will go in tomorrow at 10 a.m. for an 11 a.m. retrieval. I am nervous, excited and scared. They will put me under general anesthesia and I should be on my way home with mild discomfort by 1 p.m.

They are sticking 16 inch needles up in me to suck out the follicles. Pray that we have enough to do what we need to do! Also pray that our eggs & sperm fertilize!!!! Sometimes Matt and I can be like oil and water but tomorrow we need them to be like peanut butter and jelly!

Tomorrow will be conception day as well! Dawson or Malia will know the exact day and practically the exact hour he or she was conceived!

I will post more tomorrow after I get back. I am sure it will be another insane adventure!


Denasgifts said...

Will keep you in my prayers for everything going on. hoping it all "mixes" well. Hugs loves and prayers!!!!

Florence said...

LOVING IT! Hello baby Brown.......let me be the first to say Happy Birth Day!!!!!

little sis said...

lisa you kno that i will be the frist one to hold he or she at church right i am excited hello bab brown!!!!!

love your little sis andrea

lisa sis a heart said...

love you and will be praying for you... go dawson or malia..

Marc and Charity said...

great updates!!! :)