Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day Fifteen & Sixteen & Seventeen

Not much is going on with me. I have taken it easy the last few days and I have analyzed every twinge or pain or cramp. Am I sick at my stomach? Am I cramping? Is my body changing? I mean, I know nothing should show up yet regarding symptoms but I have been super sensitive to any "change" - which hasn't been much of anything. Oh well. Wishful thinking I know.

Our air conditioning went out on Thursday. Thank goodness there was a cold front that blew through. It wasn't entirely unbearable...but I wasn't entirely "here" the whole time. I vegged at mom and dad's for three days. They took amazing care of me. LOL. I would get up and mom would say, "Lis, where are you going?"..."The bathroom, can't go for me, OK?" She was awesome. I got spoiled to home cooked meals and not having to lift a finger...ahhh....

Shots are still happening. While at mom's house my cousin-in-law, Erica, gave me the shots. She is good too! I have been so lucky with my shot givers! I did have to call Dr. Moutus on Thursday night because I thought I was having a reaction to something. My face was maroon and hot. He said it could possibly be a reaction to my progesterone shots and if I had the same reaction the next morning then I would have to take the pill form of the Progesterone. I know the IM shot of Progesterone is probably better and more potent then the pill but when I woke up on Friday and no almost faked the reaction so I wouldn't have to take the shots anymore. I wouldn't have done that! The shots are fine now. So, in your best Forrest Gump voice..."my buttocks" is very tender and bruised.

The last few days have been uneventful so not much to write about. This time next week I will know if our embryos "attached" themselves to my uterus or not. Seems impossible that we are already to the waiting stage of it all. I am actually enjoying the NOT knowing stage. Sounds strange. Ignorance is bliss right now and I can imagine and pretend that I am pregnant. The answer isn't no or isn't yes...but it feels good to "feel" pregnant.

Please keep praying that the babies attach and begin to grow. BTW, I am overwhelmed by the response of the readers and subscribers to my blog. We have almost hit 3000 hits since June 3! We are averaging 156 views a day! So, thank you for your prayers and interest in our journey.

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babies wanted... said...

hang in there, you are a strong woman...i had a hard time remaining positive...crazy how long its takes for 1 week to go by