Friday, June 12, 2009


I have spent most of the morning "reflecting".

Day #5 on Project Detox (from Diet Cokes) and I reflect on my very last diet coke from last Sunday night...

"Ode to Diet Coke"

Oh Diet Coke, Oh Diet Coke
How you were good to me.
You kept me *awoke *I know this is not good grammar...but it rhymed)
Every time I needed to be.
Oh...also you kept me broke!

Oh Diet Coke, Oh Diet Coke
It has been five days
Since we last met
And, I have lost FOUR lbs
It's diet, I say, so I would have lost that bet.

Oh Diet Coke, Oh Diet Coke
You are a wretched drink
You've trapped me with your fizziness
And numbed me like an ice skating rink!

Oh Diet Coke, Oh Diet Coke
We just aren't right for each other
So, I must move on
I will be sad.
But getting rid of you might get me a daughter or a son.

The End...

I know, I won't quit my day job. LOL, I got a little carried away.


lmashe81 said...

LOL that was funny!!!

Marc and Charity said...

Yes, the lack of caffiene has gone to your head my dear friend. If you start hallucinating about lines on the road, then I KNOW we are in trouble! :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Lisa while I have never been asked to bear the weight of infertility; I find great inspiration in your journey and know that God will bless your courage and willingness to share your story with anyone who will read your blog. We have worked together for many years and I have seen you triumph over challenges and disappointments time and time again. Push on my dear friend God's Glory will shine in the light of your life as you lead others towards him!!

Florence said... are wacked! LOL

congrats on the 4 lbs...did you keep the Sonic cup just for nostalia? LOL

Marc and Charity said...

seriously, 4 pounds?