Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Let the games begin...

My LAST IM (intramuscular) Lupron shot was delivered today! I jab tomorrow. Thank you to Pam Sisk, my personal nurse/friend :-). She gives me my IM shots. I can do the subcutaneous (just under the skin) ones...but not the IM ones. Here is why...see the picture. Notice how long the needle is verses my thumb. OUCH.

I also scheduled our IVF class today. We go next Wednesday. It should be interesting. We have to turn in a deposit of $8000 that day. We obviously do not have money like that just hanging out at the house, so be praying, because we have to get creative. I debated on talking about the "money" side of it because that is pretty personal stuff; however, the expense of IVF procedures is a very important part!

Not only do we have IVF training next week, we also have our first foster care adoption training meeting on Monday. We are exploring both routes right now. So, next week is the official beginning of "Babies, one way or another".

The purpose of this blog was just to show you my shot! :-)


Anonymous said...

Mattisa...Mattisa Mattisa!

Cindybrown said...

I read thru your other posts and I am not the one with the infertility problem but my daughter is. She is also taking this same shot. All around us is pregnancy too, her cousins her friends, my friends are having grand babies like crazy. She has a very difficult time talking about it. I think this is great the way you are sharing. I had very SEVERE endometriosis and I have passed it on to her . We feel your pain.