Friday, June 19, 2009

The Launch has been MOVED UP!

I have had a busy week. I have been in Vegas for the last three days for work and have had no time for internet. I let some crops on my Facebook Farmtown die :-(

The reality of what is about to happen to us is starting to sink in. I say "starting". On Monday evening, I was at home and had to finish a work project and was in our office standing up at the desk printing stuff off for my trip. I was impatiently waiting and was looking around the office which will hopefully soon be the nursery (the baby bed is in our office). For some reason, I walked over to the baby bed (full of blankets) and let my imagination go. I imagined the room was dimly lit by only a soft bulb night light. The walls are already baby blue so the soft light bouncing off the walls just made it seem so comforting. I looked back into the baby bed now empty of the blankets but this time it held a preciously little boy who was soundly sleeping with his little arms above his head and his mouth puckering every few seconds in his sleep.

I don't know how long I stood there day dreaming but I found myself crying. I found the little onesie that I had bought several months ago and just laid it on the blankets and just patted it like I was rubbing his little belly while he slept. I know, I am a glutton for punishment. I have an overactive imagination and I have been known, from time to time, to retreat inside myself when reality seems too overwhelming and live out my dreams there. It was a good dream.

Back to present. I got a call from AFG (Arkansas Fertility & Gynecology) and they said a couple backed out of their IVF procedure and now we could move up our IVF cycle!!! It has been moved up a week. I still have two weeks of the Lupron Depot (the IM shot) left in my system. So, what this means is that I will get to cut out the first week's shots of the SubQ Lupron shots! YAY! On July 1, I will go in for my ultrasound and lab work and on July 4 start my stimulatory drugs.

I was on the phone this afternoon with the pharmacy. Wow, at the cost of drugs. Some will be covered with my insurance...THANK GOD! And, one of the drugs, Bravelle is SOOO expensive! They are ordering me 36 vials of Bravelle at $80 a piece! OUCH! However, she said that if my insurance does not cover the IVF procedure then the pharma company can put me in a "program" and it looks like I can get the vials for $40! So, just for that one drug it will be $1440 - $2880! I will know more of the drug bill next week. It is exciting. I have never been more excited to give myself a shot in all my life.

Since the cycle has been moved up, we will probably do egg retrieval and implantation the week of July 13! So, by July 28th we should know if we are pregnant. Wow. It is really happening now.

I have several friends who have recently told me of their current "trying" stories. One friend is trying with fertility drugs, one is doing an IUI round in July and one is starting a 2nd round of IVF. I do have one friend who has been through infertility and they have been waiting patiently in the adoption stage...AND they got a baby this week!! It happened practically overnight. The baby is gorgeous. Pray for all of my friends in all of these different stages. God is working and I believe He is honoring and blessing us.