Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inventory for Lisa's Pharmacy

So, in the next few days I will practically have my own pharmacy in the house. Here are the meds...(forgive the spelling of them...I don't want to look them all up - I am hooked on phonics)

Darvocet (for pain for the egg retrieval)
Lupron (shot)
Bravelle (shot for stimulating ovaries)
Menapur (shot for stimulating ovaries)
Medrol (steroid)
Progesterone (shots)
Estrogen (patches)
Ovidrel (to trigger my ovaries to release eggs - shot)
Diox-something (antibiotic)

Yeah...I am still waiting on the magic $$ figure. The Bravelle is normally $2880...but I believe I am getting it for $1660. I think it will be close to $3000 for meds. NICE.

I am getting so excited about this...I catch myself pooching out my belly to look like I am pregnant. AND, I can REALLY pooch it out. Wow, I look like I am 7 months already...yeah, that was an embarrassing fact.

On a side note, Dad is at home resting and his heart looks good. He has a sleep study scheduled for next week and he could possibly have to start sleeping with oxygen every night. It is a miracle he is alive. The doctors said that he would have died if mom hadn't have been home.

Oh, and I am getting a little nervous about coming out of menopause. I will go from one extreme to another with my ovaries being suppressed one week and the next they will be in overdrive trying to produce eggs! I am getting ready for the roller coaster. Weeeeeee!


Anonymous said...

Buckle your seatbelt & smile for that hidden camera that takes your picture when you're screaming & look real ugly!!!! LOL!! I'm excited for you Lisa! :)

Anonymous said...

awI bet Matt is looking forward to the roller coaster...Matt you better put on a seatbelt too!!


Florence said...

Yeah Matt...and be nice to Lisa!! Ha ha....Matt, praying for you as well as Lisa as I know this is you too....guys, God is going to give you a baby real soon--can't wait to be "momma flo" to Mattisa! LOL