Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hot Flashes

I just thought I had hot flashes (Lupron induced) in the winter. Oh my. This heat is about to kill me. I apologize to every woman I ever made fun of when I saw their face get really red, their hair stick to their head or (kink up in my mom's case), and they grab anything to fan themselves. Yeah, it's called a hot flash.

My mom always gets this constipated look on her face and she snarls her top lip up and says "Ohhh, I am hot". I usually rolled my eyes and looked back at the TV while she ran to find the nearest fan.

Oh am I paying for it now. It feels like someone has put a 1000 degree heating blanket under my skin. I just don't stay hot all ripples up and down my body. It starts in my head and travels quickly to my toes and then I think head is won't start pouring sweat, but it quickly does the "wave" right back up to my head. I don't think it is too funny now.

I had to completely strip when I got home from wal-mart today because I was soaked in sweat!

So, ladies if you are young or "young" and have not gone through hot flash: THEY ARE REAL. Next time you see a fellow sister with a constipated, sweaty look on her face...grab the nearest fan and help a sister out!

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Anonymous said...

I just want everyone to know that I do NOT look constipated when I have a hot flash!