Thursday, June 11, 2009

Determination & Detox...

Well, I have to get off Diet Cokes. I drink a lot of them. A lot. On average, (I figured up with the help of my co-workers, Patrick & Brooke) I drink about $3000-$3600 worth of Diet Coke a year. Ouch. I seriously am an addict and need it by IV. For those of you who know me, this is HUGE for me to get off of Diet Cokes.

Today is Day 4 of Project Detox (it is my name for it). I woke up with a pretty horrid headache this morning. But, it will all be worth it. I can't have caffeine while I am going through IVF or while I am pregnant (or it is highly recommended not to be on caffeine).

I was so determined this week to conquer two things: 1. Fostercare Training and 2. My IVF class. I am a multi-tasker and a darn good one...however, I must admit that I cannot juggle these two highly emotional things. Matt told me to focus on the IVF. He said we can always at any time go back and get the training if we feel like that is what we are supposed to do. I didn't listen. I KNEW I could juggle both of them. This past weekend was another roller coaster for me and I knew I could not handle both emotionally.

I received my IVF paperwork in the mail on Saturday and when I opened to read the 15 pages, I panicked. The stats, the timing, the shots, the commitment, the emotions, the hormones, the "what ifs", the questions....the list kept going. I was reading and re-reading and I couldn't absorb it all. I called mom and start reading it to her and she said, "LISA, slow down you are talking 90 mph!!!!" It wasn't until Sunday that I knew my mind could not be in two places at once, so I told Matt he was right (for the first time in our marriage :0) and that I was going to postpone our fostercare training until the IVF "season" was over.

I then began to breathe and write down all of my questions for the IVF nurse. One breath at a time and one decision at a time...and I felt the panic slowly ebb away...(well, not to mention, a lot of prayer helped).

Our IVF class was yesterday. We are going to Arkansas Fertility and Gynecology Associates in Little Rock...Drs. Miller, Moutos and Batres. (I have called the 801-1200 # so long that I have memorized the recording...I never listen past that...I just press #5 for the nurses voicemail box). Anyway, Matt and I had sat there for over an hour and they finally called Matt back for his "portion". lol. I just sat there and looked around. I laughed because this office had become my second home. I know where to sit and where not to sit. If you sit along the windows, the air blows directly on you. It depends on my hot flash situation on where I sit any given day. I smiled because I knew what people were being called back for. And, my heart began to cry out for these ladies who were going back. Always different faces but the faces were facing the same problems. So, sad.

One lady came in and was looking for her husband. He finally came in and they sat down together. The nurse (in full scrubs and surgical mask) came to the door and called her back...her name was Lisa so we both sort of asked "which one" and of course it wasn't me so I had to wait longer. But, I knew that she must be having IVF if the nurse was dressed in full OR gear. I was sitting by the check-in table when they were going back and over heard the billing lady say, "they owe $2500 for today". That meant that her previous round of IVF didn't work and they were going through another round today. It made me sad to think she had gone through it before and it didn't work.

Then, Matt came back out and, of course, I giggle and he snarls, lol, and the IVF nurse named Debby comes out to get us for our class. I am nervous and uptight and worried and stressed and Debby immediately breaks the tension and starts cracking jokes and puns and totally puts me at ease. I guess that is why she is good at her job. She has been with Dr. Batres 29 years. She knows the ends and outs and has even performed enough IUI's to produce 39 babies! She laughed and said she had fathered 39 babies! My big joke has been the thought of telling our kids, "your daddy wasn't even in the room when you were conceived". Well, Debby one upped me and said, "NOW you can tell your kids, your daddy was in the room while you were conceived, but so were three other people". I laughed until I cried.

The appointment was so lighthearted and positive...I just felt so hopeful and that I was in good hands. I took my last IM Lupron injection on June 4th, so we can officially begin on July 4th. (My self proclaimed Independence from Infertility, rather symbolic don't ya think?) I also had a trial run of the IVF catheter to make sure it would go in my uterus and into the fallopian tubes...ouch.

If my body's cycle goes exactly the way they hope...Here is the schedule:

  • July 4th: I begin the daily (subcutaneous (SubQ) Lupron injections between 6-8 pm
  • July 5th: SubQ Lupron between 6-8 pm
  • July 6th: SubQ Lupron between 6-8 pm
  • July 7th: SubQ Lupron between 6-8 pm
  • July 8th: SubQ Lupron between 6-8 pm
  • July 9th: Appointment in clinic - Ultrasound & Labs & SubQ Lupron between 6 - 8 pm (oh, Happy Birthday Matt!)
  • July 10th: Sub Q Lupron between 6 - 8 pm
  • July 11th: BEGIN THE STIMULATORY DRUGS (I have my own "recipe" for my shot...4 Bravelle, 1 Menopur) & Lupron between 6-8 pm
  • July 12th: Stim Drugs (Bravelle, Menopur) & Lupron 6-8 pm
  • July 13th: Stim Drugs (Bravelle, Menopur) & Lupron 6-8 pm
  • July 14th: In clinic for Labs - Stim Drugs (B & M) and Lupron 6-8 pm
The above schedule is pretty much set in stone. After July 14th, the lab results will determine the med dosages. I will go in at 8 am for labs and ultrasounds and they will call me by 3 and tell me what my "recipe" will be for that evening. This will continue until I am ready to ovulate. The tentative schedule is below...

  • July 15th: Potential lab & ultrasound & Stim Drugs (B & M) and Lupron 6 - 8 pm
  • July 16th: Potential lab & ultrasound & Stim Drugs (B & M) and Lupron 6 - 8 pm
  • July 17th: Potential lab & ultrasound & Stim Drugs (B & M) and Lupron 6 - 8 pm
  • July 18th: Potential lab & ultrasound & Stim Drugs (B & M) and Lupron 6 - 8 pm
  • July 19th: Potential lab & ultrasound and TRIGGER day! I stop the Stim Drugs & Lupron because I am ready to "pull the trigger" for ovulation. Take Ovidrel (subq)
  • July 20th: NO VISIT and NO food or drink after midnight (what? no shot today?)
  • July 21st: EGG RETRIEVAL & Sperm Sample. Start Medrol (I think this is to help fight infection when the 16 inch needle is insert to suck out my eggs!) - oh, and I am OFF WORK
  • July 22nd: Fertilization Results & I will begin Progesterone.
  • July 23rd: Embryos Divide and it will determine the day we transfer (either day 3 or day 5 after egg retrieval). We will confirm how many we will transfer.
  • July 24th: Potential Day 3 egg transfer. Off work and bed rest for three days. I will start estrogen patches.
  • July 25th: Bed rest if Day 3 transfer
  • July 26th: If we didn't do a day 3 transfer, this would be the day (day 5) that we would do the transfer. Off work bed rest.
  • July 27th: Bed rest
  • July 28th: Continue two Estrogen patches & IM Progesterone injections for 8 - 12 days.
  • Aug 4th: 2 weeks after Egg Retrieval is considered the day we "conceive" so I go in for an HCG. Wikipedia definition: Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a glycoprotein hormone produced in pregnancy that is made by the developing embryo soon after conception
  • Aug 6th: Go in again for an HCG test to see the hormones. If it shows I am pregnant...YAY! I will continue Progesterone injections for another two weeks. Then we will have an ultrasound to see the heartbeat and determine if there are "Heart BeatS" :-) If the HCG shows I am not pregnant, then we will start again.
I pray we are pregnant at that point. The due date would be April 27, 2010 :-) If we are not pregnant, then we don't have to do all of the stimulation drugs, we will just thaw the stored embryos and try again. We elected to enroll in the Advantage program. We have three tries for a fixed $ amount. We have three tries. I pray we only need one.

Sorry for the lengthy blog. I needed to get it all down on this blog and I will follow up with other stories & details...


Kristy Terrell said...

Wow, you are organized and have this all planned out! I wish you lots of luck. I used Dr. Moutos in my struggle with infertility. Their office is great!

Marc and Charity said...

Hey, I am glad you are documenting all this- it's very interesting and helps me know how to pray. :) And what days to pray for know?

I can't imagine going through all of us, I'm so proud of you and am praying that you only have to do this once!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!
My fingers & toes are crossed and a little prayer too!