Saturday, June 27, 2009

ARGH - Restless!

I am so a kindergartner going to school for the VERY first time or a kid at Christmas. I can't sleep (however, I CAN eat). I finally fell asleep at 5 am this morning. I am going to have my days and nights mixed up. Matt is playing a softball tournament and I should have done something sociable today, but too much on my mind.

Wednesday will be here before we know it. I need to be productive today. I do, I truly do. My baby boys are all sleeping so sweetly on my bed...maybe I should snuggle up with them and call it a day.

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Beth Ann said...

That's what I would do!!! In fact, I had to run errands today and meet my Mom. Came home and that is exactly what Blackjack, Bailey, and I are doing. Too hot to do anything else.