Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stopped up tubes? Slow swimmers?

There are several initial reasons why we were not pregnant yet and the first three areas they wanted to check out were: 1. to see if I was ovulating, 2. to see if my tubes were stopped up and 3. to see if Matt had slow swimmers.

Not to bore you so I'll give an overview of a year of fertility diagnosis...

1. Yes, I was ovulating.
2. During my first HSG or Hysterosalpingogram...the left fallopian tube was blocked.
3. During my second HSG...both tubes were open? Explanation was the tube could have contracted at the start appearing to be closed.
4. Sperm Analysis. Matt was and is a stud. No questions there. That was for all Matt's jock friends who might read this.
5. Diagnosis....UNEXPLAINED Infertility? What?

Unexplained? What does THAT mean? It didn't give me a reason! It didn't give me a reason so we could FIX the problem. It was so open ended.

I sat on this information for a month or two to let it process. I was thankful that nothing major was wrong with me OR Matt...but unexplained? Really?

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